Building A New Home? The Top 4 Most Beneficial Materials To Use

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Those who are upgrading from an older home into new construction may be surprised at the new technologies that are available for homes these days. While some options may be out of the price range of most homeowners, several options are well worth the investment because they are not much more expensive than their traditional counterparts were. Check out four options that will give the most benefits.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation has replaced older fiberglass insulation, which was messy and hard to breathe during installation. Not only is spray foam easy to install, but also it insulates the home better with shrink-proof and water-proof properties. This can lead to better preserved home structures and great energy savings.

Recycled Steel

Recycled steel may be a good option for house frames for some people with bigger budgets. Steel is incredibly secure in areas that see lots of winds and storms. Additionally, it can be ordered in pre-cut sizes, letting builders frame up houses quickly. Homeowners who are eco-conscious will appreciate the fact that the amount of steel needed to build one house is equal to the amount found in six scrapped cars.

Recycled Wood

However, recycled steel may not be budget-friendly for all. Recycled wood can be a good way to preserve the 50 trees that generally must be used to build a home. This type of wood is made up of only 50% wood fibers, and the rest comes from recycled plastics. In this process, very few toxins are released into the air, and the wood is more resistant to mold and water damage. Consider using a quality professional to create prefabricated house frames, such as Prefab Technology Pty Ltd.

Low-E Windows

The majority of new windows manufactured today are low-E windows, which are highly energy-efficient. The “E” means emissivity, meaning the amount of heat and cold that is able to pass through the window. These windows keep the cold out during the winter and the cold in during the summer.

With so many home-building choices on the market today, it can be hard to know what one should spend money on and what is worth passing up as not worth the cost. These four options are budget-friendly and pay off in the end with lowered energy costs and fewer needed repairs to a home’s basic structure. Those who are planning a new build should check with their contractors about which of these options are available to them.

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