Dwelling Dangers: 5 Signs an Old House Is Too Unsafe to Live In

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Sometimes an older house can become too unsafe to live in. No matter how attached you are to it, your only option to prevent injuries might be to move or demolish it and rebuild. If your old house shows signs of any of the following five dwelling dangers, then you should arrange to have an inspector evaluate whether it’s a safe enough environment for you and your loved ones:

Pest Damage

Termites, ants, rodents and other pests often chew and tunnel through structural materials. Although modern homes can also have damage from pests, older homes typically have more extensive damage everywhere. Once pests damage load-bearing structures, walls and ceilings can collapse at any moment.

Foundation Sinkhole

Pests aren’t the only sources of structural damage. A sinkhole under even a corner of the foundation can cause a collapse. Many sinkholes open up rapidly after rainstorms and earthquakes or out of the blue as the sinkhole’s ceiling wears down over time. A small sinkhole can expand to swallow an entire home. Worse yet, sinkholes aren’t typically covered by home insurance plans in many regions.

Leak Problems

Any type of leak, whether it involves wall pipes or a roof gap, can lead to rotting structural materials. Your old house can then become unsafe for more reasons beyond the risk of collapse. For example, material rot often causes mold growth. Many homeowners believe incorrectly that they only need to worry about black mold, but any type of mold can cause you, your loved ones or even your pets to experience serious health problems.

Hazardous Materials

Of course, there are many more old home contaminates beyond mold. Before current building codes, houses were often constructed with lead pipes and paint, fibrous asbestos insulation and formaldehyde-soaked fiberboard. All of these materials can gradually destroy a person’s health and cause skin, respiratory, nervous, and immune system problems; and certain cancers.

Outdated Wiring

As wiring ages, the insulation that encases it becomes damaged by pests or breaks down naturally. Overheating can then cause the insulation to melt and release toxic gases. Deadly fires can also occur. This might seem like an easy enough problem to fix, but you might find yourself debating if it’s cost-effective to replace wiring if an inspection also reveals other problems.
Instead of waiting for any of these dangers to destroy your happiness, contact a demolition company like Greene Concrete Cutting Inc before it’s too late. If you find out that you only need to perform a few affordable clean-up and repair tasks to make your old house safe, arrange follow-up inspections at least once a year.

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