April Showers: 5 Crucial Home Maintenance Tips You Need for This Spring

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Spring is a great time to do some home maintenance to get your yard and patio or deck spaces ready for the upcoming warmer weather. The maintenance needed will vary by home size and style, but there are some ideas that can help most homes prepare for the spring and summer. The following are five maintenance tips to get your home ready for spring.

Trim Trees

One of the first things you should be doing after the snow melts, is take care of your yard, and most especially your trees. Winter can take its toll on your trees causing branches and other limbs to become weaker. If your home is anywhere near some of these tress, it can become a safety hazard and potentially cause damage to your home. It’s helpful to call in a tree trimming professional to remove large branches safely. If you have small shrubs and trees, you can easily do the trimming yourself with a small saw or tree trimming device.

Clear Out Garden Areas

If you enjoy gardening, this may be a job you’d like to do on your own. It is also a job that will need to be done if you intend on having another garden this year. It is also probably one of the first jobs you will want to do so you can get it ready for planting your crops. For those who don’t have a green thumb, you can call in landscaper to remove any leftover plants from the previous season to prepare for new plants. Once you have your garden spaces cleared out, you can begin putting in new plants.

Hire Professionals to Clean Gutters

Spring is the ideal time to have someone come out to clean all the leaves and fallen debris that have collected in your gutters during fall and winter. Cleaning gutters is messy and can be dangerous so it’s best to hire a professional to do the job. Companies like Gutter Magician NKY are trained in safely removing gutter debris and they have all the equipment needed. Having your gutters clear before the spring rains come helps to prevent any possible drainage issues around the home from gutter overflows.

Clean or Refinish Deck and or Patio

Harsh winter weather can be rough on finished decks. With the warm weather you can paint or refinish any areas that need it. It’s also the perfect time to pressure wash your patio to remove any stains or dirt that has collected.

Prepare for Grilling Season

Spring weather usually means a chance to use the grill again but it may need some maintenance first. Check your propane tank to be sure it’s full. Those who us a charcoal grill should stock up on charcoal before the grilling season begins. It’s also important to thoroughly clean the grill grates.

Spring weather means more time spent outdoors enjoying the warm temperatures. This may mean hosting BBQs or simply relaxing on your deck. However you choose to spend your time outdoors, following a few basic maintenance tips can help you better enjoy your outdoor space.

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