Renovations for the Future: 5 Add-ons for Your Old Home

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In 2013, the National Association of Home Builders estimated that the average home buyer stays in their house for 13 years. Many families feel an emotional connection to their home. This could be a factor that encourages many families to stay. Regardless, homeowners will desire at least a little change over the years. Here are five renovation ideas to consider for the future.

1. Changing the Garage Doors

Changing an old garage door can open up several possibilities to an old house. Beyond improving the look of the house’s facade, a new garage door can also transform the style of the house. Instead of having an archaic, white door, perhaps you dream of having an intricate wood design. The colors and designs to choose from are seemingly endless. Companies such as Best Doors will even install the door themselves.

2. Adding a Second Level

If your house is feeling more cramped as the family grows, adding a second level can be a great opportunity to create a significant amount of space. While adding another level will be an expensive addition, it also has the potential to raise the value of your home. This can be a great bargaining chip when you finally decide to put the house on the market. Furthermore, such a drastic change can make an old home feel like a completely new one.

3. Digging Out a Basement

Some people may be surprised to realize that basements can be created in an existing house. This is a great option for those who want more space in their house without changing the exterior. The cost of adding a basement is also considerably cheaper than building a second story. Because of the sensitive nature of the addition, reliable contractors should always be consulted before making a final decision.

4. Replacing the Windows

Although replacing the windows may not be the most exciting renovation, it is essential in an older home. After living in a home for several years, windows begin to rot, crack and fall apart. This damage can encourage the growth of mold and allow small insects into your home. Furthermore, cracks in the windows will keep the house from being sealed tightly. This can cause problems during the colder months of the year. New window and shutter designs can be added to give your home a new style.

5. Adding Space in the Back

One of the most common renovations to an old home involves the addition of space to the back of the house. The back is chosen for a few key reasons. Primarily, there is typically more space in the back of the house to fit an addition. Also, adding to the front could damage a home’s facade and symmetrical design. Even a small addition to the back of your home can increase space and comfort. Anything from a new kitchen to an open patio can be added quite easily and affordably.

It is easy to become attached to a house after living in it for many years. Our experiences and memories end up getting intertwined with our home. However, after several years of wear and tear, an old home deserves attention. A few careful renovations can quickly make an old home feel new again.

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