All the Comforts of Home: 5 Systems Every House Should Have

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Your house already has an electrical system and a septic system. It probably has an HVAC system, and you may even have access to the internet. Congratulations, it’s not 1740. We’re not here to talk about the magic of indoor plumbing. This article is about cutting-edge tech, overlooked safety issues and the five systems every modern house should have.

Keyless Lock Systems

You have this for your car, why not for your home? If you’ve ever watched Korean TV, you’ve seen how convenient it can be to have a keypad entry lock on your front door. They’re easy to use, easy to change and a great time-saver. What are the options?

  • Biometric locks. These can be fingerprint recognition or swipe to open.
  • Proximity lock. This works with a keyless key fob that sends electronic signals allowing the door to unlock automatically or with the push of a button.
  • There’s an app for that lock. Smart-phone controlled locks use Bluetooth connections to sync your system and allow you to control the entrance from anywhere. Keep track of who comes and goes with the option to get texts whenever anyone opens the door.
  • Surveillance locks. Say “cheese.” These locks will take pictures every time the door is opened. You can even program them to offer different lighting for different programmed entry codes.

High-tech locking systems are transforming the way we enter our homes. Did you ever lock your keys in the house? You know exactly why keyless locks are fast becoming real estate’s must have trend.

Climate Control

Learning thermostats have been on the market for a few years now. You probably have an IT guy at work who’s been using one since they first came out. People like him have helped work out the kinks and the idea is ready for mainstream use. The thermostats will take a week to “learn” your patterns and comfort levels, then it will program itself to anticipate your needs. You still have control and can make corrections if needed. If you have a digital thermostat in your home already it’s possibly you might even be able to install your learning thermostat for yourself.

Water Filtration Systems

What’s in your water? The lesson of Flint, Michigan is making everyone take a second look at the purity of drinking water. For new homes, the trend is whole-house water filtration systems, and existing homes are renovating to include under-sink mounted systems at the very least. Water filter systems that offer reverse osmosis and multi-stage filtering offer the best tasting water that is free of most harmful contaminants. These systems are no longer those outdated confusing monsters that lurked in a corner of the garage making odd “werp-werp-werp” noises every few hours. They’re sleek, easy to maintain, and simple to use. Think of it as the health insurance you really should have.

Radon Remediation

Speaking of the risks to your health, does your home have a radon mitigation system? Every state in the US has registered high levels of radon gas, and evidence shows that cinder block foundations (the most common foundation material in homes) off-gasses radon and other gasses, which could pose health concerns for at risk populations. Many, but not all, states have programs that follow EPA guidelines for radon testing and mitigation, however they leave it to the local jurisdictions to implement community standards. Radon removal through ventilation systems takes care of the radon gas in the air—but did you know radon gas can also be in your water? If tests show radon in your domestic water sources an activated charcoal filtration system should solve the problem.

Solar Systems

Solar power is not just clean energy it’s the trending technology system for the modern home. Net-metering solar power options keep you hooked up to the grid and allow you to use as much as you need and sell the extra. Your carbon footprint will go down a shoe-size. Generating electricity from sunlight is not your only solar option though. Solar hot water systems can heat up to 85% of your home’s hot water usage, solar (thermal mass or water-based) heating systems can help heat your home and solar lighting tubes can light up dark corners with natural light. Let’s face it: going solar is a bright idea!

You’re probably wondering why a personal theater system didn’t make the list of systems every home should have in 2017. Truth is, some people actually still prefer to read books or go outdoors for leisure activities. But, no matter their preferred entertainment, everyone needs to be comfortable and safe in their homes.

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