New Home Worries: How to Solve Common Problems on Your Own

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New homeowners often worry about unforeseen problems in their house that may arise and need to be fixed. After making a down payment and taking on a large amount of debt to buy a home, the prospect of unexpected maintenance costs can be worrying. Luckily, many unforeseen home problems can be fixed without spending thousands of dollars. Here are a few common house problems you can solve on your own.

Basement Leakage

Leaky basements can be caused by many things, but more often than not, they’re just the result of improper drainage. If you find your basement is filling up with water, try putting extenders on your gutter spouts to get the water out away from the foundation. You can also try building up a mound of elevated dirt around your foundation to direct water out into your yard. Consult a professional if you have questions about your system.

Security Concerns

It can be very disturbing to learn of crimes in your neighborhood immediately after moving in. Home security, however, is a fairly easy thing to ensure. Put enhanced locks on all exterior doors and windows and install a home security system. If you have basic electrical knowledge, you can also install motion-sensitive outdoor floodlights to deter prowlers. If not, you can check an ADT price comparison chart and see how competitors stand up when you hire out. 

Wall Damage

It isn’t difficult, especially when moving heavy furniture into or around a house, to accidentally put a small hole or a gouge in a wall. Such damage is very easy to fix, provided it isn’t too major. Wall patching compound will cover most small damage, and repainting is easy if you can match the paint color that is already on your wall.

Leaky Faucets

Perhaps the most common of all plumbing problems, leaky faucets can be both annoying and wasteful. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a professional plumber to fix a faucet. Start by ensuring that all the faucet’s hardware is tightened properly, then check its seals. If you have to replace your faucet, don’t fret, as it is a job almost anyone can do on a day off. If you need a guide, there are many free online resources, including several video tutorials, that can show you exactly what to do.

After buying a new home, you probably won’t have any interest in paying for any maintenance you can do yourself. Small jobs such as these are easy for even the most casual handyman, and most home projects can be done without professional help if approached the right way. Save your money for when a pro really is needed and try your hand at simple home repairs.

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