How to Vamp Up Your Home Design with DIY Pallet Projects

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Pallets used to be just for acting as a base to hold heavy items or to get items moved from one location to another with ease. Now, there are numerous craft ideas that include pallets that you can use to decorate the home in a fun and whimsical manner. Some of the ideas that you can use will transform the basis of the furniture in the home instead of using traditional designs. Below are four different projects that can help with your home’s interior design.

Bed Support

One of the ways that you can use pallets is to make a support for the bed. You’ve probably heard of platform beds with a simple base. This is a similar idea, but you can easily paint the pallets and add fun designs to make them customized. This is an idea that you could use in a child’s room. Make sure you slide the pallets close together, nailing them securely so that they will stay in place with a mattress on top.

Home Movie Theater

Create your own movie theater in a spare room of the home. You want to put pallets at the front of the room with one level, increasing the number of pallets that are on top of each other as you go from the front of the room to the back. Attach cloth to the pallets to make them look like movie seats. Set up a screen or a television to watch movies with family and friends. You can often get large orders of pallets for projects like this at packaging companies, such as Acme Case Co.

Television Stands

Instead of spending money on a television stand, create one that is made of pallets. Position a few pallets on the floor as the base with one on each side to serve as shelves or a simple design to surround the television. You can paint the pallets to blend with the rest of the furniture and decor in the room.

Laptop Trays

This is a simple idea for those who are on a computer all the time. Add a few personal details to the wood of a small pallet to create a tray for the laptop. Some of the wood in the pallet may need to be rearranged, depending on the style you’re going for. The good thing about laptop trays is that they can double as a serving tray, and so it might be a good idea to make multiple so that you and your family or friends can eat out in the living room. Just make sure to line the bottom of the pallet with some sort of soft fabric so that it is comfortable to have on  your lap.

Using pallets brings creativity to the home. As long as you have an imagination, you can come up with so many ways to incorporate pallets into the design of your home.

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