6 Tips to Ensure That You Choose the Right Marble Floor Tiles for Your Home

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There are many colorful tiles available in the market and you can find various shades and shapes in this segment. It is very difficult to choose the best variety of tiles for your home. However, it depends on your budget and if you have sufficient money set aside for home renovation, then you can install a marble floor in your rooms, kitchen and bathroom.

Marble is very easy to clean and it can easily be installed within just a few days. Additionally, you can install these marble floor tiles on any surface and you do not need to dismantle the concrete surface for this installation. Shining marble tiles can provide your floor with excellent longevity and you can maintain and clean this marble easily with just plain water. So it is easy to maintain, easy to install and it can increase the overall look of your house.

  1. Hardness of tiles: When you choose marble tiles for your floor, you need to consider their hardness. These tiles must have scratch and foot traffic resistant power and you need to choose these tiles as per your purpose. If you want to install these marble tiles on the wall, then you can choose low foot traffic marble tiles. For bathroom flooring and kitchen area, you can choose the highest quality marble tiles which can resist foot traffic, wear and scratches. You can find the laboratory testing report on the tiles pack and you can also find these reports on the manufacturer’s website. You can identify the hardest tiles through these reports and install them as per the nature of the tiles. 
  2. Porosity of tiles: When you choose your tiles, you need to consider the porosity of these tiles. Porosity of these marble tiles depends on the air holes, and it has a great impact on the water absorption ratio of these tiles. If you want to install these marble tiles in moisture prone areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry rooms and mudrooms then you need to choose marble floor tiles which have the highest porosity level. These marble tiles can absorb water and moisture and you can easily clean these tiles on a regular basis.
  3. Slip resistant: If you have older family members and children in your family, then you need to choose marble floor tiles which have excellent slip resistant power. When you apply water and detergent on these tiles, particularly in the shower room and bathroom which are the most slippery areas where you use plenty of water on the surface, in these cases you need to choose slip resistant tiles. These marbles look like matte marble floor tiles and you may not find these tiles having as much of a shining surface as other rooms. However, these tiles can absorb water and they will remain dry all the time.
  4. Wood texture marble: Earlier, people used to install wood on their floor surface to decorate their rooms. Now you can choose wood textured marble floor tiles as well. These tiles have excellent water and moisture resistant power and they can be installed within just a few hours. But before you choose these tiles you need to check with the retailer about their maintenance guidelines.
  5. Do not mix the marble: It is suggested that you install the same designer marble floor tiles in your rooms and do not install separate tiles on the same floor. Each of these tiles has separate features and you need to maintain it as per their manufacturer’s norms.
  6. Color: There are various colors and shades available in the marble segment and you can also customize these marble tiles as per your needs.

Always choose the proper marble floor tiles as per your requirement and you can ask the retailer about the different varieties of these marble tiles for your specific purpose.

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