Four Things To Consider When Selecting A Hot Water Heater

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Planning to get a hot water system for your home? If you are, there are no doubt a lot of things you need to consider before making your purchase. Like many other people, you probably don’t understand all the different metrics of what you need to look into when buying a new water heater or replacing your old one. So here are four things you need to keep in mind when you’re hunting for the right hot water system for your home so that you can enjoy hot water every day of the year, especially during cold winters.

1. The Tank Size

The size of the tank matters when you are choosing a hot water system for your home. These tanks come in different sizes and you need to choose the right size depending on your family’s requirements to ensure that everyone has enough water to get a hot shower in the morning. A simple thumb rule is that a tank of approximately 40 gallons is ideal for between 1 and 4 people and this goes up by 10 gallons for every additional two people in the household. The overall energy consumption may go up marginally, but if you need hot water for your home, you have to be prepared for a bit of a rise in your electricity bills.

2. Type Of Energy Used

Gas or electricity are among the most commonly used types of energy for water heaters and if you plan to switch from one type to the other. ┬áTherefore, consider your home’s overall layout before you choose a specific type of hot water system so that you can choose one that will keep your installation costs to the minimum. However, you may choose to opt for solar energy instead for your water heating system and save on fuel or electrical costs.

3. Warranty

Typical warranties for your water heater will run between 6 and 12 years, while different parts may have different warranties. You need be aware of these warranties before choosing one for your use so that you can be sure you’ve got the right hot water system. Avoid going in for low cost heaters that may carry lower warranties. In the quest to save money on your initial investment, you will end up paying much more down the line for maintenance and repairs, and you won’t even have a warranty to cover these costs. When you choose the contractor, who installs the system usually gets water heaters from reputed manufacturers, your labor costs for the first year decrease a lot, and you may even choose to get extended labor warranties if required. There are different brands of hot water systems available in the market, and you must check the energy rating and the capacity of each, along with the price details, before you make any final decision.

4. Energy Efficiency

If the costs of running your hot water system pinch your pocket and you’re looking at ways in which to reduce these costs, you will no doubt agree that you need to also reduce the pinch of these systems on the environment. With this in mind, consider the energy efficiency of your water heater before you make your purchase.

┬áSo if you’d like to save money in the long run and also protect the environment in whatever little way you can, choose a heater with a higher energy efficiency rating and you will benefit in more ways than one. The best part is that, when you choose a high quality hot water system, it keeps your room warm, without leading to any air pollution and it does not require much labor for monthly maintenance.

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