What Your Home is Missing: 5 Home Additions for 2017

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When it comes to real estate, they say that location is everything. If you have the prime spot for your home but wish that the structure was a little nicer, then this is a great time to make some investments. The right additions will add value to your home while making it more enjoyable. Here are the top five home renovations that you may want to consider.

The Pool or Spa

Whether you go with standalone spas or one that connects to a luxurious custom pool, this addition will turn the backyard into your own personal retreat. You’;ll have a place where you can relax and unwind after a long day, and your kids will love having their friends over. It’;s an addition that benefits the entire family today and your property value in the future. You can bond with the kids, soak away your hectic day, and possibly even get in shape with regular workouts.

New Kitchens and Granite Countertops

The real estate market has reached a point where granite countertops are simply expected. They’;re easy to clean, highly attractive, and extremely durable. If you’;ve been thinking about making an interior upgrade, start by looking at granite counters. Whether you redo the cabinets or not, the granite will make your property stand out and completely transform your kitchen.

If you have bulkheads over the cabinets or open space above them, then you may want to consider going with taller designs. You can now get upper cabinets that are 42-inches high or even larger, and you’;ll be pleased with the additional storage space. You’;ll also make the room look more impressive and elegant with this simple change.

Add a Bathroom

Homes with only one or two bathrooms can really benefit from the addition of another powder room. This is particularly important if you don’;t have a restroom on each floor. You may not need to increase the square footage of the home. Depending on the layout, you may be able to tuck a bathroom into the corner of one room, down in the basement, or even along the eaves of your home upstairs.

If you’;re willing to bump out the foundation, then it may be worth the investment to go with a more elegant master suite. You can include a custom bathroom, a larger bedroom, and a relaxing little sitting room where you can read your favorite books.

The Attic Room

Make your home larger by taking over some attic space for a bedroom. You’;ll need to consult with an engineer to be sure that your foundation and framing can handle the added weight that comes with a finished room, and it will probably be necessary to add dormers to the attic to create space for the room. However, this space can be perfect for a teenager’;s bedroom, a home office, or a lovely little library and sitting room.

The Outdoor Living Room

A patio is a great place to relax, but you can take it to a higher level by making it more like an indoor space. Go with a larger deck, add an arbor for shade, and invest in patio furniture that you can truly recline and relax in. Accessorize and decorate the space so that you’;ll want to spend time out there. Include low-level lighting for evening gatherings, and work in some storage areas so that you can have your favorite things nearby.

Enhance your home with key additions. You’;ll make your property stand out and ensure that it’;s truly enjoyable. The entire family will benefit from any of these changes, and you’;ll find that your home value will rise moving into the future.

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