Do Sewer Pipe Repair Before Renting Property

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Anyone who is a property owner and is considering renting out property should ensure that they get sewer pipe repair in advance. Doing so is imperative and mandated by legal norms. A lot of people who are renting out properties believe that they are not responsible for getting this repair work done but that is not true. In fact, doing your plumbing repairs can help you in more than one ways as discussed below:

Increases property value

Keep in mind that one of the biggest advantages of getting sewer pipe repair would be to maximize your property value. Anyone who’s trying to rent their property would observe that pipes and plumbing lines are one of the few things that all prospective buyers/renters check first. This is a huge cost and they know that since they are renting the house, they don’t want to waste so much of money on the same.

Saves you legal hassles

The next aspect of this sewer pipe repair is the terms and conditions of your lease. If you are renting out your property and the terms and conditions imply that you as the homeowner are legally repressible for this, then you could be in mess. The landlord is often responsible for the repairing of these plumbing lines and other basic amenities in most states. But in case you have missed out on this aspect, then it is recommended that you check with a professional lawyer or attorney and then draw out the lease papers accordingly. Make sure you do your homework and are aware of your state norms.

You should also have a firm understanding of laws in your state. Each state has what is called a "Habitable Warranty" and it particularly outlines the duties of the landlord. Since all state laws can override your legal contracts and lease, it still puts you at a potential danger. Not doing sewer pipe repair would mean that you are at a legal risk or hassle here. Some of the factors to keep in mind here are:

  1. Your paperwork covers only what is there in the boundary of your home or even supply pipe. Anything beyond that is not your legal responsibility.
  2. Make sure that when the repair work is done then you are not intruding on the plumbing line of someone else’s property.
  3. In case of shared pipelines you can share cost and be jointly responsible for the same.
  4. The procedure includes installation of new pipelines, fixing old ones and ensuring that they are in a workable condition when you are finally renting out your home.

In particular, if you have an old property then sewer pipe repair should be given special attention. Often the pipes that were used earlier are now redundant and rarely used. In such cases, you would have to change the complete pipes and make sure that the new ones are in tandem with the current legal norms. Not fixing or repairing these now would lead to additional woes for you later on. It could also mean that your property might not be rented all together. So ensure that you hire a reputed and reliable plumber who can work out the entire plan for you and fix up the plumbing not only inside the house but also outside.

On the whole, getting these issues fixed all together before tenants move in saves you time and hassle. Plus it ensures that once they are sorted, you don’t have to worry about sewer pipe repair for a long time. This saves you a lot of costs and ensures you have a good rapport with your tenants.

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