Build a Home with a Staircase–You’ll Thank Yourself

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When designing a custom home, consider going with a multi-level masterpiece rather than a ranch home. While one-story designs are a great choice for anyone with mobility concerns, the fact is that there are some great benefits to houses with stairs. Even if you prefer single-story living, you’ll still thank yourself when you go with a home that has multiple levels.

Save on the Foundation

By stacking your living space, you can shrink your foundation. You’ll save money with a smaller foundation, and you’ll also expand the available outdoor living space. Use the savings on your foundation construction to go with more elegant fixtures and options inside the finished home.

Use the Space Below for Storage

In the past, stairs were viewed as wasted storage space, but there are great ways to overcome this challenge. Have shelves or pull-out drawers installed below the stairs for extra storage. You can essentially turn this space into an amazing little pantry for all those extra items.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

People go to the gym and hop on the stair climber because the health benefits of climbing stairs are quite impressive. You’ll get your heart pumping, improve lower body strength, and promote weight loss. Every time you go up those stairs to put away laundry or check on the kids, you’ll be burning calories.

Beautiful Decorations

Consider all the great things you can do with that bannister when the holidays arrive. Set up decorations on the banister and even along the sides of the stairs. If you have an open foyer with a sweeping staircase that goes upstairs, then you have another opportunity to dress up your home for different celebrations.

Privacy from the World

The living areas on the main floor of your home typically have windows facing the street, and anyone walking or driving by can look right in those panes. Some companies, like Tarosa Stairs Pty Ltd, know that when you retreat to the second floor, you’ll enjoy more privacy. People cannot just casually look in your bedroom windows when they’re on the second floor.

If you’re worried about having a two-story house as you age, then you’ll be relieved to know that there are several solutions to this concern. One is to have the master bedroom placed on the main floor in the back of the house. Another is to have your stairs retrofitted with a special chair that will carry you up and down. Either way, you’ll still reap the benefits of having a larger house and yard, the additional storage space below the stairs, and the ability to really dress up your house when the holidays roll around.

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