Home Maintenance Ideas to Keep Yours in Pristine Condition

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Your home is just like your car or any major appliance. If you take care of it and perform regular maintenance, your home is likely to stay in good shape longer and you are less likely to have problems. Here are some home maintenance ideas to keep yours in pristine condition.

Replace Your Furnace Filter

Your furnace runs the air that goes into it through a filter to help ensure clean air is circulating in your home. Your furnace filter gets dirty after repeated use. Not only does this mean that your air that is less clean, but it will mean your furnace has to work harder and will therefore be less efficient. A dirty filter also can be a fire hazard. One of the best home maintenance tasks you can do is to replace this filter. A good rule of thumb is to replace it four times a year — once after each season.

Clean Your Appliances

Keeping your appliances clean inside and out will help them operate better and prevent breakdowns. Each appliance may need different cleaning regimens. For example, you should clean the inside of your over every few months by either running the self-cleaning cycle or cleaning it out by hand. At least once a year and preferably more often, you should vacuum the coils at the back of your refrigerator to clean out any debris. You also should clean out gunk that collects in the bottom of your dishwasher and run it on a rinse cycle with baking soda in it.

Use the Right Tools

To keep your home in tip-top shape, there are certain tools you are going to need. One that no homeowner can do without is a vacuum with various attachments that you can use in tight spaces. Another good tool to have is a drain snake to deal with minor plumbing issues. Some companies, like Koontz Hardware, know that every homeowner needs basic tools like regular and Phillips screwdrivers and assorted wrenches.  Other things like wrenches, nuts, and bolts are also good to have around when it’s time to do repairs.

Home maintenance doesn’t just involve the inside of your home; many of the most important tasks are on the outside. At least a couple of times a year you should clean out your gutters and downspouts to ensure water is draining away from your home properly. You also should trim back bushes and shrubs. And seal any cracks and holes you find on the outside of your house both to keep out pests and improve your energy efficiency.

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