Blueprint Genius: 4 Home Designs that are Hot on the Market

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Today’s homeowners are looking for more than just a basic home. They expect energy efficiency, a small carbon footprint, loads of space, and luxury, all within the same space. Architects are responding with ingenious designs as a result of thinking outside of the box when it comes to designing the blueprint of today’s most popular homes. The following is a list of four hot home designs that are trending right now.

The Craftsman

Craftsman homes are among the most popular new homes being built. They feature natural colors and materials such as wood and stone and have many windows. The windows are made of multiple panes of glass, typically four panes or six panes of glass over a larger pane. Another common feature of the craftsman is low pitched roofs and large eaves overhangs. The Craftsman home can be either a one-floor open floor plan design or multiple floors. Mixed materials are used throughout these homes. Most original craftsman homes are found in older neighborhoods and were built prior to 1920. This style has seen a recent revitalization with the increase in the interest of historical architecture and arts and crafts.

Ranch Homes with Open Floor Plans

Older ranch-style homes featured rooms that were divided by floor-to-ceiling walls. Modern ranch homes feature wide open floor plans with a dining room, living room, and kitchen all within the same relative space. These homes can be large or small and have an open and airy feel regardless of size. The beauty of the ranch home is that it often has a smaller carbon footprint than multiple story homes, is easily accessible to those who suffer from joint pain and disabilities, and often easier to maintain than other homes. A well-educated realtor will be able guide you to homes that offer better accessibility options for your unique needs. Some companies, like Success Path BBB, realize how important it is for realtors to know their stuff.  Always be shrewd when it comes to finding a realtor.

The Tiny House or Cottage

Young people striking out on their own the first time and those wanting to simplify for retirement love small homes and cottages. These homes typically feature 1,000 sq. ft. or less and have one or two bedrooms, often with one in the loft. These homes utilize the limited space by including plenty of unique and well-planned storage. The tiny house is a way for people to use a smaller carbon footprint, save money, and save time. Less is more with these homes. Though these small cottage-style or tiny houses are not for everyone, there is a certain amount of charm to be found in their cozy comfort.

Luxurious, Not Large

You can have luxury without having a 5,000 sq. ft. floor plan. New blueprints include luxury in smaller spaces. His and her sinks (and bathrooms), large bath tubs, and walk in showers are becoming more popular within traditional homes. Fireplaces, roomy and well-designed kitchens, and large windows are popular in these homes. They help to create a spacious, yet cozy feeling throughout. Smart floor plans with innovative designs can maximize the use of space and provide roomy living spaces, but incorporate these luxuries, usually found only in large floor plans. Once again, open floor plans are popular here. You don’t have to open your front door to a foyer, which is wasted space. Instead, guests can step right into the heart of your home.

Today’s most popular designs provide something for everyone. They help people realize that they can have it all, if the blueprint is well designed. Today’s architects and builders are focusing on the future of housing by incorporating ideas for more efficient homes that offer all of the luxury and comfort of larger, less efficient ones.

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