Home Essentials: 4 Must-Have Modern Day Conveniences

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Home owners often feel like they don’t have enough time. Many of them search desperately for ways to complete tasks around the house more quickly and efficiently. Modern day conveniences are time- and labor-saving devices that help. If you don’t already have these four essentials in your home, consider investing in one or more of them as soon as possible:

Pull-Out Cabinetry

Classic lower box cabinets and closet pantries fail to make it easy to find and access stored items. With pull-out cabinetry that combines pull-out features with box cabinets, shelves and peg boards roll out smoothly from cabinet interiors when you pull on them. They make it simple to locate and grasp items without painful bending or kneeling and provide more storage space by making it easier for you to organize difficult-to-store items like pots and pans, lids and large cooking utensils.

When you need to make the most of limited room space, a pull-out vertical pantry works well for optimizing narrow vertical gaps located between lower cabinets and ovens and refrigerators. Another option is a floor-to-ceiling pull-out vertical pantry that allows effortless storage of commonly used food preparation items like herbs and spices, oils, aluminum foil and plastic wrap at eye level.

Countertop Stand Mixer

A large modern countertop stand mixer offers many time-saving features for both people who enjoy cooking a lot and those who infrequently use their kitchens. With standard attachments, you can rapidly cut up or strain and grind fruits and vegetables, press produce to make juice from scratch and mix dry and wet ingredients without wearing yourself out.

With special attachments, you can also quickly grind meat for burgers or sausage, create plain and decorative noodles and even grind nuts and grains. You can even make homemade ice cream faster than you would with a standalone ice cream maker. Additionally, many people use their stand mixers to save time and energy when mixing ingredients for soap and candle crafts.

Home Automation Technology

Any technology that can be programmed to automatically perform tasks is essential. Home automation technology allows you to preset the timing of systems that you would normally turn on or adjust manually like outdoor lights at night, garden and lawn sprinklers, thermostats, dishwashers and washing machines.

Some companies, like reviews for ACN, know that you can also program home automation technologies to monitor for break-ins and send an alert to first response personnel. Other automation systems are tied into appliances or run independently. For example, SMART refrigerators can notify you of food spoilage and robot vacuums that follow a pre-programmed cleaning schedule can also detect fresh dirt and spills via special sensors.

Central Air Conditioning

Window air conditioners typically only supply enough cold air to one or two rooms and require laborious and time-consuming seasonal cleaning and removal. Some models don’t even provide you with the ability to monitor a room’s temperature.

Once you have a central air conditioning system installed, you no longer have to worry about wasting time related to installation and removal of your AC. The only investment of time that you need to personally make is vacuuming vent grates and cleaning and replacing filters, as needed. Best yet, instead of trying to direct cool air from one room to another using open doors and fans, you can cool your entire home at one time through vents in every room with the push of a button.

Installation of even one of these convenient home essentials does require an up front investment of time and money, but you won’t regret the decision in the long run. A savings of even 10 minutes a day rewards you with a little over an hour each week to use as desired.

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