5 Tools You Need to be a DIY Hero

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Everyone has the basic tools from hammers to screwdrivers, but there are many more tools that come in handy for do-it-yourself work. Every DIYer also has a list of dream tools to be put on birthday and holiday gift-giving lists too. Here are some tools that will make anyone a DIY hero.

Impact Drill/Screwdriver

If there was a gathering where DIY enthusiasts had to bring tool belts or toolboxes, most everyone would have a cordless drill/screwdriver. It is a tool that is as common as a hammer in homes nowadays. The hero DIY tool is an impact drill/screwdriver. They sound like an air-powered impact wrench in operation, but they are fully battery powered. They are exceptionally adept at driving screws for installing cabinets, deck floors and more.

LED Work lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology uses only a fraction of the energy incandescent bulbs use, and they only produce a fraction of the heat too. With these, there are no more worries about getting burned or setting something on fire if the old trouble light or halogen work light gets too close. Even battery powered LED lights can output a tremendous amount of light for an exceptionally long period of time on a single set of batteries.

Air Compressor

Portable or fixed, this tool is what sets apart the serious DIYer from the occasional fix-it type of person. Air compressors can be used to power anything from paint sprayers, airbrush guns, nail and staple guns, impact wrenches, air grinders and more. Companies such as Kruman Equipment Company carry reciprocating and rotary-screw types of air compressors. Fixed units are great for workshops, and portable units can be taken right to the job site.

Weed Torch

This handy tool is not in as many homes as it should be. It connects to small bottles of propane as well as the 20 pound units used for barbecue grills. Borrowing the propane tank from the grill for a few minutes can be an adventure in sidewalk and driveway weed killing without spraying a drop of toxic chemicals that can runoff into local waterways. Weed torches burn those pesky weeds and may provide a little satisfaction to the homeowner plagued by them in the process.

Non-Contact Voltage Tester

This little tool can be a literal lifesaver. They are made by different manufacturers, and are about the size of a penlight. They do not require touching bare terminals or wires to detect if a circuit is live. This is a fantastic tool for homeowners doing electrical work such as replacing light fixtures, outlets, ceiling fans and more. It offers redundancy in confirming that the circuit breaker for the circuit being worked on is really off. Not getting electrocuted while improving things at home makes any DIYer a hero to family.

When choosing tools, it is wise to buy ones that are proven in the field by professionals who are doing the same work the DIY person is attempting to do. There are many tools sold that are rated for occasional home use, and they can often do a satisfactory job. However, buying pro versions may not cost that much more and are likely to far outlast the models made for average homeowner use.

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