Kid-Proof Your Deck With These Cool Alternative Design Options

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For most parents, the ability to send children outside to play is one of the greatest gifts. It is important to create a space outside that is functional and safe for children to play that can also offer adult function as well. For a parent, being able to constantly see your children to ensure safe play is of great importance. Encouraging children to play on the deck helps keep them safe and allows clear line of sight for parents.

Clear the Clutter

One of the easiest ways to child-proof your deck is to clear off the clutter. Items like hoses, garden care tools, and other outdoor lawn care items should be moved from the play areas. Use the front area under the deck to build drawers, shelving, and other storage areas for these items. You can even cut a hole in the drawer for the hose where the end can extend without having to take it all the way out. Once you are finished just wind it back up into the drawer.

Increase Shade

Regardless of the weather outside, offering a shaded area on your deck can be beneficial to both children and adults. Building a pergola on one side of the deck offers a shaded area to play, eat, and relax. There are many ways to build shade areas and each offers a unique look and feel to the deck. Additional covering can also be added for warmer months.

Safety with a View

Railings are a must with children. However, if you have a beautiful view, these railings can really inhibit sightseeing. Look for glass panels rather than wood spindles to incorporate into your deck project. Rainier Fencing & Decking offers beautiful glass panels for a full 360 degree view. Each panel is designed to work with wood or aluminum materials for a beautiful, child-proof deck.

Alternative to the Stairs

Finally, look to replace or offer an alternative to taking the stairs. Children can easily fall when going up or down stairs. Create a small area where you can add a slide for children to ride down into the yard. Include a soft landing area such as a sandbox and enjoy the blissful memories spent with your children.

Each of the above ideas offer both child-proof deck options, while maintaining an elegant look and feel for when the adults use the deck later. Easy redesigns in areas offer more child safety, better peace of mind, and a wonderful experience in the great outdoors.

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