Home Health: Preventative Care Your House Needs

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Most homeowners work to maintain their property and provide a high level of care for their house throughout the year. By maintaining your interior and exterior settings, you can reduce the risk of wear and damage when winter arrives. To ensure your home increases in value and stays in good condition, there are a few important steps to take at the end of the fall season.

Schedule Roof Inspections

Many people neglect the care of their roof and fail to schedule inspections every six months. The roof is one of the most durable features of the property, but also suffers from the most wear due to environmental elements that are present. To ensure you protect the interior setting from water damage, it’s important to have the materials inspected by a professional. The roofer will examine the condition of the flashing and will also inspect the attic for leaks that may be present to ensure that repairs are made immediately.

Clean the Rain Gutters

Rain gutters should be cleaned every few weeks before the winter season to prevent standing water from accumulating on the top of the roof that doesn’t drain off the building. Clearing out leaves and debris from the gutter will also prevent termites from infesting the area, which will protect your roof from damage.

Exterminate Pests and Critters

From bed bugs to wasps, there are several insects and pests that can make a home on your property and cause problems if they go undetected. Hire a professional pest control company to inspect the property and spray the perimeters of the yard to keep spiders or rodents away due to critters that are looking to find shelter during the winter season. A Naperville pest control company recommends doing both indoor and outdoor inspections.

Trim the Tree Branches

You’ll need to hire a professional to cut back the trees in your yard to prevent branches from having contact with your roof, which can lead to damage during storms. Trim the branches back to protect your roof and prevent squirrels or possums from having access to the building.

When you want to maintain your home and protect it from damage in the winter, you’ll need to take a few steps to have proper home health. By following a few tips, you can reduce the number of critters that find shelter on your property and can also prevent damage from occurring in the wet climate as the weather changes.

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