Dangerous Trees: 4 Signs You Need to Remove Precarious Branches

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A healthy tree is a thing of beauty, and the value of trees is inestimable. But like every other living thing, trees get sick, injured and eventually die, even if death takes a couple of hundred years to arrive. That’s why it’s a good idea for a homeowner to inspect their trees from time to time, or have professionals do so. Trees give many telltale signs that not all is well with them. Here, for example, are four signs that branches need to be taken down.

1. They’re Obviously Dead

Dead branches are leafless, bud less and often have the wood stripped off of them. If a homeowner sees dead branches lying all around the tree, chances are there are some still on the tree waiting to snap off in the next high wind. You can also tell by the tree losing its color as well.

2. Branches Cross or Rub Against Each Other

Branches that rub against each other cause wounds in which insects or disease can shelter. These branches should be removed as part of the tree’s normal pruning. Pruning should be done in a way that keeps the tree symmetrical while allowing the free flow of air and light throughout its branches.

3. There are Dead Branches on One Side of the Tree

This means there is something the matter with that side of the tree. Not only branches are in danger of falling, but the entire tree is possibly hazardous. Professional arborists like those at Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc. can evaluate the situation and offer a solution.

4. They Overhang the Roof

Even the branches of a healthy tree can break off and fall on the roof in a storm or if they are covered with ice or snow. Trees and their branches are heavier than they look, and a large branch that crashes onto a roof can cause considerable damage. The cost might be even higher if the branch falls onto the neighbor’s property and damages something over there. If the tree is near a powerline, it could cause a power outage around your neighborhood. This wouldn’t just affect your household, but every household in the area. The electric company would have to come out and fix it. Depending on the damage, it could take some serious time to get everyone’s power repaired.

A good rule of thumb is to keep a large tree 20 feet away and a small tree six feet away from anything a branch could fall on and damage. Branches should also be removed if they are anywhere near power lines. Only a professional should even attempt this as it can be very dangerous and deadly for the untrained individual.

A homeowner can guard against constantly falling branches by not planting certain trees on their property, even if the trees are beautiful. They include willows, black locust, Bradford pears and Norway maples. Sometimes removing a branch is as easy as using a saw or a by-pass lopper. But for more complex problems, make sure to contact a professional to make sure the job gets done right and safely.

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