From the Ground Up: Building a Durable Home That Will Last

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Everyone dreams of owning a place they can call their own home. The accomplishment is even sweeter when you are able to build the home from the ground up. However, when embarking on a construction project, it is important that you think about the length of time the house should serve you before you start looking for experts in foundation strengthening or other repair and remodeling jobs. Below are some of the tips that will help you build the perfect home.

Choosing a Building Contractor

The person that will determine how good the outcome of a construction project will be is the contractor that you choose to handle the building. The traits that you should look out for include character traits such as punctuality and honesty. In addition to this, the contractor should offer competitive pricing. But the most important thing to look or is training, certification, licensing and experience. Make sure that the home builders association approve of the person. Also, have a look at the work they have done before to determine their level of skills and competence.

Buying Construction Materials

Many buildings get structural anomalies because during the purchase of the materials, the correct ratios were not used. The architect, contractor and construction engineers should be in a position to recommend the right materials to use for the job and the amounts of each. In case certain recommended materials are not available, they should also give options that are viable.

Making the Foundation

The foundation is what determines the structural integrity of a house. Before the making of the foundation starts, it is important for the soil to be tested for strength and water content. These are the two things that determine the durability of the foundation. The contractor will recommend the best foundation type for the area.

The Design

There are hundreds of thousands of housing designs out there. The ideal design is one that marries the aesthetic quality with structural integrity perfectly. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to choose the design that pleases them. However, if the person building the house feels that the structure of the house may compromise the strength, they will recommend sturdier building materials or a different design.

Installing the Accessory Structures

No home is complete without plumbing, electrical wiring and related structures. When dealing with the bathroom, in addition to the plumbing, you will need to install such things as tubs. It is recommended that you choose your outdoor hot tub and the hot tub accessories that come with it well because poor choices can lead to perennial water damage issues in the home. Accessories include spa blankets, handrails, booster cushions, side towel bars, caddy shelves, side trays and many others. When buying this equipment make sure that you get them from the best distributors in the market.

The Roof

This is the other part of the house that needs a lot of care in making. There are different roofing materials including slate, cedar shakes, metallic roofs and many others. When you invest in a material such as slate, you are assured that the roof will last for close to six decades without the need to repair or replace it. When you invest in cedar shakes, be prepared to carry out a lot of repairs and maintenance, especially if in cold and wet climates. The truss, fascia boards, sidings and gutters should also be installed correctly. When these are not done well, the foundation ends up receiving rain water, something that can ruin the foundation.

Before the house is inhabited, it is important to have the home inspection experts assess every aspect of the building. They should check the foundation, the sides, the roof, structures such as doors and windows. They should also assess disaster preparedness features such as fire escapes, water damage control systems and the others. When these steps are followed, the home will last many years without mishaps.

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