A Guide to Successful Moving for the Home Hoarder

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Moving can be one of the most stressful things a person will ever go through in their life, but it can be worse for someone who is a self-confessed hoarder. This person has a hard time letting go of items. They can develop a panic attack just thinking of throwing away their possessions. For this person, the normal rules of clearing out old items and decluttering before your move can fall on deaf ears. The hoarder can often get worse when someone tries to throw out their belongings. Instead, take it easy and make small changes and accommodations for yourself when you’re trying to move.

Make Your Own Goals and Rules

One of the biggest hurdles for the hoarder is the feeling that they’ve lost control. Common rules for decluttering include tossing out items you haven’t worn in a year or donating items that don’t fit. If the rules make you feel like all the air has been sucked out of the room, make your own process that work for you. This is about you and your goals. Decide how you’re going to clear out some of your items. It could be cleaning your closet to remove clothing that doesn’t fit your style, or you, anymore. Instead of keeping seven snow globes from the same trip, you can pare that down to one that holds the most significance.

Take Your Time

Unless you have to move next week, there’s time, and you don’t have to rush. Rushing can really disturb your sense of control and make you resistant to the slightest change. It often takes years to accumulate all the belongings that you’ll have to pare down before a move. Take a few months to clear out one room at a time. Enlist a friend to help encourage you and reason over each item with you. This can make parting with your treasures far easier.

Give Yourself a Break

You should give yourself a break both physically and emotionally when you’re clearing out clutter. While you may not be a real hoarder with a pile of trash in your home, gathering your favorite things around you is done for comfort. You’ll need to find a comfortable way to remove the belongings that you don’t really need. When the process begins to stress you out, practice some gentle reminders of why you’re doing this. Don’t be harsh on yourself.

Donate to Friends

Instead of throwing items away or donating them to a charity, think about friends who would treasure your things. It could be a vintage coffee table that won’t fit into your new home, but would look fantastic in your best friend’s apartment. While you shouldn’t force anything on your others, dig through possessions you believe would be a good fit for them and offer the item. It can help if you know it’s going to a good home.

Take it to Storage

If you really can’t bear to part with some of your belongings, you can rent a storage unit to hold them until you’re ready to part with them. You can rent a little unit to hold extra clothing, or a large unit to hold your extra boxes and furniture. When you can move items out of the home, you’re taking a step towards ridding yourself of the extra clutter. Units like Houston/Webster Self Storage is a good choice for various sizes of storage space.

Reward Yourself

As you progress with your decluttering and packing for the move, take little breaks to reward yourself. When you get rid of half your clothing, take the time to indulge in a shopping trip. After cleaning out the basement, you’ve earned a trip to the local ice cream shop for your favorite extra-sugar rush. Or if you decide to sell your items at a garage sale, use the extra cash to reward yourself with something special.

Cleaning and purging for a move when you’re a bit of a hoarder can be quite difficult. Make sure you’re defining your goals and rewarding yourself after completing certain tasks. If you can’t get rid of everything, be easy on yourself and rent a space until you can.

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