Insidious Creatures: 4 Signs Your Home is Infested

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When you first begin to suspect that you might have a bug problem, you might try to ignore it and hope that it will go away. Thinking about having a bug infestation makes your skin crawl, and you aren’t even sure how to deal with it! Unfortunately, those bugs aren’t going to go away. If you have any of these four signs of an infestation, you’ll need to deal with it as soon as possible.

Dead Bugs Indoors

A few dead bugs inside every once in a while, especially as the seasons change, isn’t too unusual. If you’re seeing large numbers of dead bugs throughout your property, however–especially if you’re seeing large numbers of the same kinds of bugs–then it might be time to hire a professional to take a look. Dead bugs might be good ones, but they started out as live ones at some point, and those are the ones you don’t want wandering around your property.

Spotting Feces

Not all bugs will be obvious about their presence. Roaches, for example, tend to scatter the moment the light turns on. They also hide in dark corners, making it difficult to realize that you have a problem. If you’re spotting signs of feces, however, it’s a sure indication that you have a larger problem: there has to be a pest somewhere to leave that feces behind.

If you’re seeing signs of feces, it’s critical that you hire a professional to handle your pest control as soon as possible. For instance, professional pest control in Boise or in other areas know how damaging pests can be. Many bugs and other pests like mice and rats leave diseases behind that can make your family sick. Those diseases, which are transmitted through feces, aren’t anything to mess around with. Instead, bring in a professional to protect your family’s health.

Scratching or Skittering Noises

As you’re lying in bed at night, if you imagine that you hear things crawling, don’t assume that it’s your overactive imagination. Scratching and skittering noises can be a sign of a serious pest infestation, especially if they’re accompanied by some of these other key signs. Mice and rats, in particular, will tend to make noises at night, when you’re in bed and the house is quiet.

Unexplained Holes

If you’ve noticed unexplained holes, especially holes with irregular edges that look chewed or gnawed, it’s a sure sign that you have a pest problem. Some bugs will chew through fabric or sheet rock, while mice are known to turn anything thin enough to get their teeth around into bedding. If you’re having problems with holes, start looking around for other signs of pests.

If you’re struggling with a pest problem, it’s critical that you bring in a professional to help treat it. Professionals have access to more effective poisons and other pest control methods that you might not be able to access on your own. When you bring them in, they’ll help take care of your pest control problem as efficiently as possible.

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