4 Incredible Backyard Projects for the Off-Season

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Autumn has arrived, which means that it is time to tackle all of those backyard projects that got put off due to the hot weather. The cool, crisp days of autumn are ideal for conducting backyard endeavors that take several hours. You will also benefit from the dry weather, low humidity and fresh sunshine as you go about completing your tasks. When you have a free weekend day, try one of these projects.

Raised Garden Beds

If you have always wanted to grow your own herbs, vegetables and fruits, building raised garden beds is a great project. Doing this now will mean that you can even plant bulbs and perhaps get in a crop of lettuce before winter arrives. To build raised garden beds, create a level site. Use pressure-treated lumber and build the boxes to be square or rectangular, no more than 3 by 6 feet in length and width and 1 foot tall.

Install a Fence

Installing a fence adds privacy to your backyard. It also helps to keep your pets or kids safe. The fence can also keep other critters out of your yard. Choose a split-rail or privacy fence made of treated lumber for the most privacy. The experts at Deck and Fence Services recommend either real cedar or a composite material for a long lasting, winter-proof fence. If you put up a fence yourself, you’ll have the benefit of cooler autumn air. If you hire a contractor to do it in the off-season, you’ll likely find their rates lower than in the high-demand summer months.

Fire Pit

If you love s’mores or hot dogs roasted over a fire, a backyard fire pit is a great project. To build one, you will need a level site, gravel for the base and larger rocks for the pit’s perimeter. You could also use masonry blocks instead of rocks. The blocks will provide a close fit, and you can set flagstones on the top for a smooth surface. You will not need any mortar to fit the blocks together.

Wooden Bench

Once your fire pit is ready, you will need something to sit on besides an old log. A wooden bench made from cedar resists rotting and will be smoother to sit on. Use 4 x 4 pieces for the legs and 2 x 4 pieces for the seat. This project is so simple that you may want to build a few so you have party-level seating.

These projects only require some basic tools and skills when it comes to DIY activities. Be sure to call the utility company in advance and have them mark the location of underground utility lines. Safety is key so that you can enjoy the results of your efforts.

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