Think About the Future When Remodeling

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People make remodeling decisions for many reasons. It may be that the house is a “fixer upper” that was purchased at a bargain price so it could be remodeled for use as a home or to resell for profit. It may be because the family has outgrown the house and additional rooms are needed, or it could simply be to modernize things.

The reality is that every individual or family has their own reasons for starting a remodeling project. Whatever the reason, the future, and not just the present, should be considered when remodeling, especially if the family plans to stay in the home long enough to grow old in it.


Things people give no thought to during the younger years may become quite a challenge as they age. Stairs are a good example. For instance, if it is necessary to go up steps to access the bathroom, consideration could be given during a remodeling project to add one on the level on which most of the time is spent.

Likewise, the bathroom itself could be made more accessible. One may think nothing about stepping into the tub until the knees, hips and other joints do not function as they once did. Many different types of easy access tubs are available that allow persons to simply walk into them.

Remodeling in Phases

A remodeling project that makes things more suitable for the near future could be planned in such a way that allows for additional modifications in subsequent years. That way, the need to tear out what was just added will not arise. Using a contractor that is reputable and likely to still be around when they are needed again can be valuable.

Companies like can connect homeowners with contractors who can provide quotes up front to avoid future surprises. These contractors are also well positioned to be able to provide first-hand knowledge about equipment and accessories that will need to be installed. Speaking to someone who knows the quality and reliability of the various name brands can prove invaluable.

The bottom line on remodeling is that people initiate a project of this nature to make life better. Thinking about future accessibility now can save a major headache later.

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