Ready for Autumn: How to Prepare Your Old Home for Fall Weather

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As summer comes to a close, many homeowners start looking towards fall and the preparations they should make to ensure their homes function well in the colder temperatures. If you are the owner of an older home, there are several projects that you should consider before the cold months are here.

Freeze-Proof Exterior Faucets

No homeowner wants to experience the expensive repair of a ruptured water line due to below freezing temperatures. Fall is the perfect time for folks who own older homes to install freeze-proof exterior faucets so that they are able to prevent a burst pipe from occurring. The most commonly burst pipe is that of the exterior hose faucet, so consider replacing that first if you must choose only one.

Have the Heating System Checked

Making an appointment to have your furnace serviced before the winter months is a smart idea to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible. Professionals will clean your system, check the quality of your air filter, and make sure your unit isn’t emitting harmful gases such as carbon monoxide.

Insulate Windows

Drafty windows can be a homeowner’s #1 complaint during cold months. They can lead to high heating bills and a heating system that is working far too hard to keep the house at a reasonable temperature. During fall, consider sealing drafty windows with weatherstripping or caulk. If your windows are really in bad shape, you can even consider replacing them before the cold winter months are here.

Repair Damaged Foundation

The seasons can be very rough on an older home’s foundation, but it is important to take care of these cracks before even more damage occurs in the winter. When water is allowed to get into foundation cracks, it can expand when it freezes and cause even bigger cracks and instability than was there before. In order to fix this problem, make sure to seal any cracks before the cold weather hits. You can call a professional company like T. Luckey Sons, Inc. if this seems daunting.

Clean Those Gutters!

Falling leaves is part of the beauty of the autumn season. The unfortunate consequence to this beauty, however, is the tendency for gutters to become clogged with many leaves that didn’t quite make it to the ground. After the trees are bare, either hire a professional or climb a ladder yourself to make sure that your gutters are clear for winter.


There are many charming attributes to having an older home, but it is imperative that you perform regular maintenance, especially before the cold winter months. Doing this will allow you the peace of mind to enjoy winter without worrying about whether or not your house will survive until spring.

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