Home-Made Home: From Blueprints to Masterpiece

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Perhaps you’ve shopped the housing market for a while and just haven’t found what you want. Maybe you’ve thought about building your dream home for years and are finally getting to a good place to do it. Whatever your situation, building your own home can be both an exhilarating and a daunting task. You’ll need a game plan in order to effectively plan and build your home.

The Beauty of Customization

When you build your own home, you make all the choices — from the general appearance of the exterior to the minutest details of the interior. Perhaps as a deeper investment of ownership, many individuals who choose to design and build their own home elect to take part in the construction process as well. These "owner builders" take on more of a hands-on role in the building process.

Concrete Projects

As an owner builder who participates in the building process, it can be challenging to find tools and products that are effective, efficient, and multifunctional for several different projects. Some companies, like Certified Material Testing Products, know that many products available are commercial grade or are suited specifically for professionals. Portable concrete mixers are among the best products for the DIY owner builder.

Portable concrete mixers are able to mix cement, drywall mud, mortar, stucco, paint, and landscaping soil among other materials. They come in sizes suited to meet consumers’ needs, ranging from one cubic foot to eight cubic feet or more, with purchase prices averaging at about $125 for smaller sizes and capping out around $600 for larger sizes with additional functions. These mixers are also available for rent for the owner builder who is only interested in short term use. They are easy to use and may be transported from place to place, allowing owner builders to use them for a variety of projects in locations throughout the construction.

Portable concrete mixers are also used by professional builders. These mixers are highly-desired particularly when a project requires only a small amount of concrete; because of the compact size, concrete can be made on site, which allows more time for the concrete to be put in place before it hardens.

As you take on the amazing journey of building your home, may you navigate the waters of homebuilding with ease and build your home just as you want it.

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