5 Organization Tips for Small Apartments

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You have found yourself living in a small space and you cannot quite figure out how to make it work for you. You look around and feel like the walls are closing in because you have so much stuff and so little space. No need to fear; there is a way to survive the small space dilemma without getting rid of your favorite pieces. Living in a small space does not mean you have to live with one chair, one table, and nothing else. It simply means you have to be really creative to fill the space appropriately without overdoing it.

Assess Your Space

First things first! Before you start filling up your space, take a good hard look at what you are working with. Study how many open walls you have and their sizes. Take note of things like walls that are smaller than others and alcoves that you can use to your advantage. These are the elements you are going use to fill your space while making each room feel larger than it really is.

Think Function

The furniture you use in a small space has to be chosen carefully. You must consider the size and shape of every piece you because you only have so much space to work with. The best pieces of furniture to use in a small space are pieces that are not only compact in size, but also functional. A functional piece of furniture can add space to your room without taking up space. A great example of this is buffet table. A buffet table can be used to store things you do not need out in the open at all times. This is a good place to hide the items you use on occasion, but do not need every day. Every small apartment tends to lack storage space and functional furniture can eliminate that problem.

Look Up: The Wall Is Your Friend

One thing to remember about a small apartment or any small space is your floor real estate is minimal. The less you put on your floor, the better. Instead of having bulky furniture filling every inch of the space in a room, try going up. Using the wall space provided for you, can open up the possibilities and give you a great way to create more storage in your room and provide you with unique ways to display a few accessories for a more decorative touch.

The Closet Is King

If you are blessed enough to have good closet space in your small apartment, take advantage of the privilege and organize your closet to make it more functional. Sort your clothes into three categories: keep, donate, and trash. We all have clothes we never wear but feel like we just cannot part with. Find those items and give them to someone who will actually wear them. The less you hold on to things that are not serving you, the more room you will have for things that will.

Find New Ways to Organize

A good way to make extra space in your closet is to purchase only one type of hanger. The best hangers to purchase for your clothes to ensure you have plenty of space are the thin black velvet hangers you can find on the market. These hangers are great for your clothes and take up very little space.

Another creative idea for storing clothes is placing your shirts in your drawers in a filing fashion rather than stacking them on top of each other. SimplySS Closet Organization Ideas recommends this system, as it provides you with an easier way of seeing each shirt, and it creates more space.

Living in a small apartment can be a little jarring at first, but it is possible to live large in a small space. Creativity is key. Use items in unexpected ways to create much needed extra space. Utilize your vertical area to free up floor space. The walls are a great way to store and display items in a stylish way. Finally, make sure everything is functional. Every piece of furniture you place in your apartment should be able to do double duty. Most of all, embrace what you have. Your apartment may be tiny, but if decorated properly, it can be cozy and comfortable.

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