Home Repair Tools Everyone Needs on Their List

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Home repair is something that every homeowner should expect at some point in their lives. Whether it is mounting a curtain rod or repairing an appliance, having the right tools will make every job that much easier.


Multimeters are handy tools which are used to measure voltage, current and continuity in a circuit. If an electrical appliance stops working, this is one of the first tools out of my bag. I am able to find where the circuit is broken and determine if I need a new part, new fuse or a new appliance.

Cordless Drill

Screws are used all the time in home repair, especially for hanging pictures and decorations, repairing furniture and shelving, and mounting smoke detectors. Using a hand-driven screwdriver makes this process very tedious. If you have a cordless drill with screwdriver bits, these jobs become much faster and much easier.

Stud Finder

Most modern walls are framed with lumber and have drywall affixed to it. While drywall is easy for creating a sturdy and inexpensive wall, it is not a good anchor point for heavier wall decorations, such as mirrors. Stud finders are able to detect changes in thickness of the wall, which is a simple way to find the strong wooden stud underneath the drywall without even drilling a hole.

Extension Cord

If you are working in a place where there is little light or far away from any outlets, a high-quality extension cord is a must. Some companies, like Americord, know how important extension cords are when doing home repairs. An extension cord can be used with a shop light to provide some extra lighting under cabinets or in the basement while you work. Not only this, extension cords are necessary for tools you may have that are corded, such as a saw or miniature rotary tool.

Vice Grips

Plumbing in a house is extremely important, and can be a disaster if not properly maintained and repaired. If you notice water stains on your ceiling or floor, your plumbing is likely to blame. Most modern houses are equipped with copper or PVC pipe, and many connections that might leak are threaded. Rather than trying to manage with a pair of pliers or buy specialty wrenches for pipes, a pair of vice grips will usually suffice for tightening loose connections.

All of the tools mentioned above are must-haves for any homeowner. The next time your home decides to malfunction, you will be prepared and ready to handle almost every problem quickly and easily.

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