4 Chilling Signs Your HVAC System is Costing You Too Much Money

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When you have an HVAC system in your home, you expect to come home to the perfect temperature every day. You also expect your system not to break your bank accounts either. You want it to be energy efficient costing you a little money a month as much as possible. As that system ages though, you may notice some problems relating to that system. In addition to seeing your energy bills go up, there are some other signs that you spend too much time running your HVAC system.

Excess Moisture

Air conditioners naturally produce some moisture. You may see puddles forming near the outdoor unit, but you shouldn’t worry about those puddles. Any moisture that leaks out of the outdoor system is a sign that it did its job properly and pulled moisture from the air. If you start seeing moisture in other areas of your home, it’s a cause for concern. Leaking water from ducts, moisture inside vents and high humidity levels that cause paint or wallpaper to peel off the walls are a sign of a poor performing HVAC unit.

Hot and Cold Spots

Your HVAC system should be able to heat or cool your house with little to no problems. However, if you have multiple rooms that are always too cold or too hot then your system is not operating efficiently enough for your household. This is a sure sign that it may be time to upgrade your system or get it tuned up so it works at max efficiency. But before you put your house on the market, make sure that your HVAC system operates properly. These systems should regulate and maintain temperatures in each room. You want your home to feel warmer and cozier in the winter and cooler and more refreshing in the summer. A sign that your HVAC system needs repaired is when you notice hot or cold spots in your home. These temperature fluctuations indicate that the system can no longer keep up with your demands and that it can no longer provide enough warm or cold air for the entire home.

Dust Particles

The ducts in your home are part of an HVAC system. Those ducts allow the warm or cool air to reach every part of your home. If you notice an abundance of dust particles in your home, you may need to replace the ducts or the whole system. This may indicate mold growing in the ducts due to excess moisture or humidity.

Musty Smells

Companies like HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric warn customers of musty smells and how those smells relate to HVAC system. Those musty smells often indicate the presence of mold, which builds up when the system can no longer regulate the humidity in the home. You may smell a darker and earthier odor too.

A new HVAC system may cost thousands upfront, but that new system will help you save in the coming years and keep your energy bills down. Look for signs that your system needs replaced or repaired, including dust particles in the air and musty odors.

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