5 Home Improvement Projects to Do Before Summer Ends

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Now that it’s halfway through the summer, it’s a good idea to consider projects that need to get done around your home before the fall and winter set in. Getting a head start on these projects can prevent mishaps and frustration when the weather starts to get cold, and you may be saving money in the process.

Inspect and Fix Gutters

Your gutters need to be taken care of before the leaves start to change and begin to fall. Cleaning and inspecting your gutters for sagging, leaks, and breaks is ideally done in the spring and summer months. If you fail to check your gutters in the summer, any problems with your gutters will be augmented when leaves and other debris begin to clog your drain. In some cases, heavy rainfall could destroy an under-maintained gutter and flood your basement.

Check Your Plumbing

Having a plumber or a home inspector check all of your pipes in the summer could potentially catch small cracks or future problems with your plumbing before they start. If these problems go unnoticed, then a small crack in a pipe will undoubtedly expand and split, and could cause extensive water damage when the weather drops below freezing.

Service Your Heating

Nothing’s worse than having your heater fail during the coldest part of the winter. The insulation of your home can only do so much to keep your house warm, and it may take several days or weeks before an HVAC technician can come to your home to make the repair. Call a heating company now while they are less busy so that your heater can be ready when the hot days end.


If you have a swimming pool in your yard, then you know it’s imperative to prepare it for the coming winter months. You’ll need to clean out any debris, insects, and leaves before winter sets in, and you’ll need to lower the water level below the skimmer mouth before you cover it up. It’s also important to balance the chemicals in the water, and drain the pipes, pump, and heater. Failing to do any of the above could result in scaling, broken pipes, and cracks in the pool itself. Contact a company like The Pool Store if you have questions about what to do.


When the weather is warm, check your roof for any damage or leaks. You may even decide to go up into your attic to look for any water damage or signs of pests invading your home. If you do find damage, you need to get it patched up. If roofing problems are a common occurrence in your home, contact a local roofer to help you decide what to do next with your roof. You may need to replace it or change the shingles.

There are numerous things that can happen to your home over the fall and winter seasons, but the above items seem to be the most frustrating to deal with if there’s a problem. As much as you may want to worry about these things later, it’s a wise decision to tackle these projects when the weather is warm, and you’ll have more time for a professional to swing by to make an inspection.

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