Top 4 At-Risk Areas for Home Pest Infiltration

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No matter where you live, at some point you’ll have to deal with a pest inside your home. Having pests, at the very least, is an annoying problem that needs to be dealt with and prevented, and at worst, they can create major home damage or bring illnesses with them. Knowing how to prevent them from coming in is the key. Here are some tips to keep them at bay.


Having food, or food residue, sit on your floor or table for days is asking for flies, ants, mice, and other critters to come knocking. Sweeping your floors regularly and cleaning your tables with soapy water is great way to keep the bugs away. Insects, especially flies, hate the soap and will leave. For mice, there are devices available to deter them from coming around using sound frequencies only they can hear. If you see ants, be sure to wash all the surfaces they crawled over thoroughly as ants leave behind a pheromone that attracts others from the colony.


It’s nice to have the windows open on warm days, but stinging insects, ants, and other animals may be able to get in through the opening. Always use a screen over your windows to keep the insects out, and make sure that the screen isn’t damaged. Tempting aromas from the house could attract raccoons to your home, and a torn screen makes it easy to get in. Also, make sure the frame is in good condition and hasn’t been rotted away if made out of wood.

Crawl Space

If you have ever been inside your crawl space under your house, then you know there are numerous spiders, mice, and insects lurking down there. It’s impossible to keep them out of there, but the trouble arises when they find a way move into more habitable areas of your home. Check for cracks and rotting timbers in the crawl space, and fill any holes that bigger animals can use to gain access to your home. Sometimes foundations can crack and split, so keep a close eye on yours and if you do see damage, consider contacting a specialist as that can become a much more serious issue overall.

Walls and Attics

Bats, squirrels, and possums love attics and working their way into your walls. These animals can be a struggle to deal with, and hiring a Kenilworth pest control expert can help rid your home of these pests. Calling a professional is important in these situations as they know the appropriate way to handle these animals, and they can protect you from contracting a dangerous disease.

The areas above can be a relentless source of pests if not paid close enough attention to. If pests do start show up, be sure to call a professional for more help and check out this Angie’s List article for more information to help keep your home pest free.

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