5 Ways to Protect Your Deck from Pests

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Having a deck is a great addition to your home. A good deck is a joy for any homeowner so long as the natural element can’t destroy it. The problem is that insect and mammalian pests can quickly turn a well-built deck into a pile of mush in short order. If you don’t want your deck to be a cautionary tale, these tips will come in handy to keep the unwanted critters out and your deck protected.

Install the Right Kinds of Wood

Joist and deck board selection at the outset can go a long way towards ensuring that insects and other pests aren’t an issue. While we should all know that red cedar is often insect kryptonite, pressure-treated wood can achieve the same outcomes. Never use untreated pine in any way on a deck.

Coat with a Bulletproof Shell

Staining and sealing the wood that you already have is the next big step. Most of the better stains on the market act as a sealer when applied properly. Research your options, find a color that works for you and fully coat every joist as well as deck board with a few layers.

Obliterate Enticing Environments

Few homeowners with decks consider the effects that rotten wood next to the deck can have. Pests like termites hide in deteriorating siding and come out when the conditions are favorable. Have an outfit such as D.S. Bahr Construction, Inc. inspect your deck-adjacent siding and recommend a course of action if they find bugs in your horizontal slats or shingles.

Leverage Mesh to Deter Critters

Sometimes, a physical barrier can be the most effective way to stop pests from eating away at a deck. Installing a fine mesh in between joists will stop bugs in their tracks depending on local climate and topography conditions. Fully enclosing a deck with an awning and sidewalls is another good option.

Have Your Deck Sprayed Regularly

When all else fails in your fight against pests, advanced pest-eradication technology is the only answer. For starters, inspect your deck each spring for signs of pest damage. If you see the hallmarks of a pest problem, bring in the most trusted local pest control professionals and have them spray the hardware. Along with spraying your deck, you should do everything that you can to keep your deck clean of food, dirt, and any other kinds of foliage that may have fallen on your deck. Food will attract pests and if your deck remains dirty it will provide a way to these unwanted critters a place to hide. You also want to make sure that under your deck is set up in such a way that it keeps these pests out. Spraying underneath the deck will also help. You may even want to consider setting traps just in case.

Eternal Vigilance Is Often the Key

If you leave even the best deck alone for more than a few years, it’ll go to seed quicker than you’d think. The difference between decks that look and feel great and the ones that nearly collapse is attention to detail. Put in the preventative care now before it becomes more costly.

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