How to Get your Backyard Ready for Spring

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Spring brings the warmer weather that is perfect for backyard barbecues and other outdoor living activities. Before you invite anyone over, however, chances are your backyard could use a bit of preparation. Here are some steps to take to get your backyard ready for the good times ahead.


Cleaning the yard becomes extra important when it will be a place for entertaining, and cleaning usually extends beyond just raking up leaves. After removing sticks, limbs and leaf debris, you should do the following:

Thoroughly sweep your deck or patio area and wash dirt away with your garden hose. If your patio or deck has gotten mossy or stained during the winter, purchase a commercial cleaner. For best results, you should either use a mild detergent or use a cleaner created specifically for the materials your patio or deck is made from, such as wood, concrete or stone.

A power washer can come in handy as well. However, if you use a power washer, note that the spray can come out so strong it could chip concrete or gouge wood decks. Use the washer on the lowest setting and spray the deck or patio from a safe distance.

Furnish the Seating Areas

Spring is a time for a new look, so rethink bringing out your old lawn chairs. Instead, treat yourself and your guests to new and comfortable furniture. Wicker is always a good choice because it is stylish, durable and complements many design styles. This time of year, you can find many specials on outdoor wicker furnishings including outdoor sofas, chairs, coffee tables, end tables and dining tables. Choose nice thick cushions for your wicker seating and you might find you spend more time outdoors than indoors this season.

Check the Landscape Lighting

Make sure you check all outdoor lighting for broken bulbs or other issues. If you are creating a new, improved outdoor living area you’ll want to make certain it is sufficiently lit. Call on your electrician to inspect wiring, if applicable.

Replace Broken Pavers

Seasonal changes can be hard on brick, ceramic and concrete pavers. This is especially true if you live in an area that has cold, wet winters. Walk through your yard and check all pathways for pavers that might need replacing.

Plant and Arrange your Garden Containers

Planters make great decorative accents around outdoor seating areas. They also work well for defining various spaces in the yard. Spring is an ideal time to consider what kinds of plants and flowers you want to place in your planters. It is easiest to move the large, heavier ones into their designated places before adding your potting soil.

If preparing your backyard seems like a time-consuming venture, split the tasks. You don’t have to do everything in one day. In fact, by doing it in stages you will have a better chance to plan a good design for your seating areas.

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