Budget-Friendly Repairs You Can Try on Your Own

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Owning a home and a vehicle can be expensive, and it’s nice to try to save some money when you can. Luckily, there are many repairs and maintenance tasks you can tackle yourself in order to avoid high fees and expensive equipment.

Many computerized systems in today’s cars and homes are probably beyond the skills of the average person, and you probably also want to leave complex things like a malfunctioning toilet or complete car breakdown to professionals, however there are some fairly simple and budget-friendly repairs you can try on your own for both your car and your house. Give these projects a shot to gain some experience and confidence with your own repairs.

Stopping a Faucet Leak

If you notice the sink in your kitchen or bathroom is starting to drip, don’t leave it long. This is a simple repair that can save you a lot down the road. Simply turn off the water, close the drain, and put out a container to catch water that might fall as you work under the sink. Depending on if you have a compression faucet or cartridge, you will either have to replace rubber O-rings or washers. Usually these don’t cost more than $20, and with a wrench you can do this repair in just a few minutes.

Oil Change

An oil change is one of the most basic jobs many car owners like to do themselves. Just be sure to wait a few hours after driving it to be sure the oil has cooled down. Grab a few supplies and you’ll be ready to go. You’ll need an oil filter, new can of oil, ratchet, funnel, wrench, and an oil container.

Air Filters

Changing the air filter in your home is an easy fix that pays off in more efficient performance. Clogged filters can really do a number on your heating and cooling bills and lower its overall power. Professionals like a Christian Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. recommend you have a schedule for bi-yearly cleanings and replacements of your air filters if possible.

Brake Pads

Properly functioning brakes are crucial to ensuring your safety while on the road. Changing the brake pads can improve brake function and save you money. This job is a bit more involved, but you’re ready for it now that you’ve gotten the others under your belt. You’ll need a car jack, along with c-clamps, Allen wrenches, hammer and a lug wrench to do the job right. Make sure you know the right installation method for your specific brakes.

Carbon Monoxide Sensors

Many people often don’t realize their carbon monoxide detectors need replacing. Usually within 5-7 years. Make sure you pick a “fuel-cell electrochemical” sensor, which are a lot more efficient models. Usually these are cheap and quick to install almost anywhere in the house.

Give these budget-friendly repairs a try, and you’ll soon be comfortable with trying some new ones around the house and inside your own car.

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