4 Design Considerations When You Build a New Home

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Designing and building your own home offers the greatest creative control for turning your dream haven into a reality. As exciting as that fact is, it can also be overwhelming. Searching home design blogs, visiting showrooms and watching television shows, you’ll find an endless source of inspiration that makes whittling down the options seem impossible. To aid the process, here are four design considerations that will add the most value to your new home.

Hire a Firm Specializing in Design and Construction

Once you have the land purchased, the next step is deciding the layout and designing the plan. In home construction, the least stressful route is working with a firm that handles both the design and construction. When there’s an existing relationship between the architect, interior designer and construction crew, alterations in the plan or changes in material are less likely to be causes for conflict, and it would be naive to assume you won’t want changes once construction begins. Additionally, when everyone’s working as a team, the process of getting plans and permits approved by your city is much easier.

The Perfect Kitchen

The kitchen is the most valuable room in the home. That’s a sentiment echoed by home design networks and magazines alike, but it’s not just a marketing catchphrase. A 2013 survey by Lloyds Banking Group showed that homeowners spent an average of $7,000 updating the space in the previous year, and Consumer Reports states that 53 percent of surveyed real estate agents list the kitchen as one of the most important rooms. Given this reality, when designing your kitchen, it’s essential to create a space that’s inviting for the family and functional for home chefs while still aesthetically pleasing.

This entails high-end appliances, ample countertop space and a seating area for the family. Quickly replacing granite as the top material choice, quartz is the latest trend in countertops. The engineered stone is also a solid investment as its durable nature can withstand everything from spills and knife dings to intense heat. Investing in quartz now eliminates the need for an upgrade in the future.

A Fireplace

If you live in a cold-weather region, the luxury of a fireplace cannot be overstated. The ambient lighting, central gathering point and rustic look are just a few of the benefits, in addition to the home heating. There’s a choice between a gas or wood-burning fireplace, each with their own pros and cons. With gas, you’re provided greater control, but many prefer the traditional wood-burning method. When installing a fireplace, to increase its efficiency, the Department of Energy recommends also installing an air-exchange system and doors made from tempered glass.

Don’t Neglect the Exterior

According to a 2013 housing profile from the Census Bureau, 92 percent of homes have a porch, balcony, deck or patio, which highlights the importance of outdoor living spaces as an extension of the home, a philosophy most design firms incorporate into their plans. For example, Jack Fisher Homes, a firm noted for their luxury home plans and new homes in Colorado, approaches design by including features like a patio and courtyard from the start, with the goal of creating a seamless transition from indoors to the outside.

Designing and building your own home is a long process that involves many decisions. The best advice anyone can receive is to not settle. That means seeing samples in person and staying involved during the construction. You don’t want to settle for a cabinet stain or bathroom tile and end up hating the space in what’s supposed to be your dream home. It’s better to get it right now than investing in renovations within a few years.

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