4 Yearly Checkups Every Homeowner Should Perform

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Annual home inspections will alert homeowners to things that need immediate repair or future maintenance. If you wait too long before scanning your home for issues, you may end up paying a whole lot more in the end. Here are four yearly checkups that every home needs so you can have a functional house and save money in the long run.

External Inspections

First, start with the yard to ensure that the grading properly drains water away from all sides of the home. A slope of at least five percent is needed to keep water from pooling. Note that asphalt walks and driveways are very susceptible to deterioration from standing water. Inspect the inside and outside of all foundation walls for cracks and termite damage. Check wood structures, like beams and joists, to ensure that the wood is solid and decay-free. Make sure­ that crawl space vapor barriers are in good condition and correctly placed.

The Roof

Trim back any tree branches that may touch the roof, especially around the chimney. Check all dormers, roof flashing, vent stacks and skylights. Make sure that there is free air movement in vents and clean out debris as needed. Carefully access the roof to check for any curled, loose or damaged shingles. Don’t forget to examine the antenna wires and support straps. On the way down, check the lower roof sheathing edges for any water damage. Examine the gutters, hangers and downspouts for any damage. Consider installing mesh gutter guards to keep out debris.

The Plumbing

Start by checking the faucets, water closets and hose bibs for potential leaks. Shut-off valves, located at sinks and laundry rooms, should also be examined. Make sure that the main water shut-off valve is easily accessible and protected from the elements. If possible, gently pull back the floor insulation in the basement to check for leaks and any wood areas around pipes that are damaged. In bathrooms, ensure that tubs, sinks and showers have proper drainage. Even if the water is flowing fine, be sure to perform a drain cleaning with eco-friendly products.

HVAC System

Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your HVAC system efficiently running all year round without any unexpected breakdowns. The biggest benefit of regular HVAC system maintenance from companies like Christian Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is lower energy bills because poorly functioning systems consume more energy and work even harder to provide minimal levels of comfort. Regular maintenance also reduces minor problems before they become major headaches and lengthens the equipment’s operational life expectancy. Be sure to inspect the system, clean and the change air filters regularly. All other maintenance tasks will need a professional.

As a final note, don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to drain water out of the water heater, which will reduce silt and debris.­

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