Six Backyard Projects You Can Complete in a Weekend

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Your backyard should be a haven, the place you go to relax and that brings you peace and contentment. But just thinking about yard work has exactly the opposite effect. So why not start with some easy, fun projects that will transform your back yard in a matter of hours? Here are six simple yet highly effective projects, all of which you can easily do in one weekend. 

Say it With Flowers: DIY Trellis

Express yourself by creating your very own trellis in whatever size or shape you desire. A wall trellis kit will allow you to attach climbing plants to virtually any surface. Design a shape that has meaning to you, go with abstract art, or even write a marriage proposal. Your wall, your call.

Paint Your Patio

Painting your patio will instantly brighten up your yard. The instructions are pretty simple: Go to the paint store, tell them what material you want to paint, and they’ll give you what you need. For best results, be imaginative! Bold colors can be fun and won’t be too bright after a bit of weathering.

For the Kiddos: Rope Swing

This is unbelievably easy to make. Go to your local hardware store and get round, packaged pine wood, a carabiner, and about 20 feet of natural rope. Drill a hole in the center of the wood and stain it. Loop the rope through your carabiner and attach it to the tree, then do some research on safe knotting in order to attach the rope to the seat. That’s all you need for hours of outside fun!

Instant Garden

Did you “forget” to plant flowers this spring? It’s not too late! Go buy some potted plants and bury the pot. And voila! In just an hour or two you’ll be surrounded by your favorite plants and flowers all summer long. Pots are easy to remove as well, making fall cleanup simple.

Night Lights

Gather some pebbles and cover them with glow-in-the-dark spray paint. Use them to create a path, make a design, or simply create a magical night time atmosphere anywhere in your yard.

Face-lift for Your Fence

Put marbles in the holes in your fence or drill holes to put the marbles in. They’ll catch the light and illuminate your yard with a mystical radiance during the day. You can also get a company like Mills Fence come and update that old wood fence to a sturdier material like aluminum or PVC.

Hopefully this article has demonstrated you don’t need mad skills, or a lot of cash to have a beautiful backyard. In just a few hours, you can transform your yard from sad to splendid, and enjoy the fruits of your labor all summer long.

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