Victorian Inspired Facades

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Victorian age is probably one of the most recognizable epochs in the history of mankind. Its traits are numerous industrial revolutions, colonization and the rise of global ideologies. Still, there is one thing that is also a feature of Victorian culture yet can sometimes be overseen. When it comes to architecture and design of both interior and exterior, Victorian buildings are second to none. Now, in order to transform your home into a proper Victorian palace there are several things you need to know. Here are some of these key points that deserve to be considered.

Strictly Victorian colors

First thing that needs to be addressed when discussing a façade is its color. Even if you manage to create the most Victorian façade ever, the choice of the wrong color can nullify all of this hard work. So, the question here is: which colors are Victorian enough? The answer to this is quite simple, go with as natural colors as possible. This means berry red, mushroom brown, mustard yellow, wheat tan or even forest green. As you can see, nothing too flashy or flamboyant. If there is one general rule that a color needs to adhere to in order to become Victorian, it is to be as subtle and classy.

Choosing the right trim

Now, probably the most notable characteristic of a Victorian façade is the right trim. In fact, this feature alone is so crucial that some of the most curious buildings from this era, have different trims incorporated in their exterior at the same time. Not only does this helps make Victorian homes more remarkable, but also more complex. Painting trims differently than the rest of the home will add layers to its complexity as well as complete this artistic impression in the best way possible.

Minding the surrounding

Still, planning a façade on its own is not such a great idea after all. Its surroundings and other elements of your home need to be considered as well. By adding a brick red door to your home you will create an impression of a genuine Victorian edifice, which is what this is all about. Furthermore a Victorian porch or a Victorian garden with several vines climbing up your façade will, by contrast, most definitely enhance all of this. So, the best advice here would be to stop trying to create a Victorian façade, and start planning towards creating a Victorian home.

A real life inspiration

Even though looking for verbal tips never hurts, probably the best way to learn about Victorian style is to learn on example. By closely examining a genuine Victorian building such as, Sydney hotel Avonmore on the Park you can learn all there is to know about Victorian facades. Some cities are genuine Victorian havens and Sydney or even San Francisco are living examples that those cities don’t have to be in Britain in order to be Victorian.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

On the other hand, speaking about Victorian style is too broad of a topic to be easily covered. In other words, “Victorian” is in fact more about capturing the spirit of the era than anything else. This is why, there are no rules about it, only guidelines. Nothing can prevent you from developing your own Victorian-like style or even combining several similar styles in a new, unique one. The world is your oyster.

Finally, this spirit of sensibility, order and wealth is what Victorian style is really about. The complexity and immense beauty of Victorian facades are nothing more than a personification of this idea. With a bit of research, help and of course inspiration, there is nothing that stands in your way of creating a genuine Victorian palace out of your own home.

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