An Insight into Smart Energy Retrofits

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Do you want to remodel and redecorate your house or apartment? Are you trying to lower your electric bills and save some money? Is eco-friendliness high on your list of priorities? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, you should retrofit your home and achieve energy efficiency once and for all. Do not know how? Here is quick guide that might help you.

Upgrade, Update, Enhance

You do not have to build a new house in order to have an energy-efficient home – a number of old buildings can be modified to save a considerable amount of energy. First, you need to conduct a thorough inspection of your home and determine how efficient or inefficient it already is.

After the energy audit is completed, you will know what needs to be done and what can be put on hold. Being prepared is vital and you should not start this project until you are 100% sure of your intentions and plans. An audit is a great starting point that allows you to make a list of problems and you can cross items off of it one by one. This way, you will get a more thorough project and solve all your energy-related issues at once.

Thermodynamics is the Key

When speaking about energy efficiency, thermodynamics is what it all comes down to. You should focus on managing the exchange of heat between the inside and outside area, i.e. your home and the outdoors. Of course, try to figure out a way not to let too much heat in during the summer and out in the winter – if you balance this properly, you will be much closer to a perfect state of energy efficiency.

Nevertheless, most people seem to forget to check their doors and windows. With older models that have been in use for some time, cracks and air gaps are frequent and that is how the majority of energy is being lost all around the year. Air leakage is a major problem in contemporary homes, so you need to pay attention to that as well. Luckily, this be can handled by installing new windows and sealing the house.

Prevent Heat Loss

Considering heat loss, the two biggest problems are conduction and convection. Regarding the former, remember that poor insulation enables heat loss through solid material, so a need to insulate your property properly cannot be stressed enough. This is best done with fiberglass, cellulose, mineral wool or polystyrene.

Convection is also concerned with insulation – traditional single-glazed windows are outdated and inefficient, so using them nowadays makes zero sense. Instead, you should buy quality double glazed windows that have two glass panels and an additional layer of glass between them. Moreover, they can use a desiccant instead of air and thus prevent fog formation. If you install them, your energy bills will be lower and your living space cozier.

Adjust Expectations

Some people like spending time in a warm home during July and August – similarly, some of them just do not mind feeling chilly during the winter. Hence, you should determine your own energy efficiency goals – is it about reducing your monthly bills, making your home cooler/warmer, raising the price of your property or is there something else? Only by being absolutely sure what you want will you be able to renovate and retrofit your home properly.

Final Concerns

A lot of people worry about the indoors air – insulated space affects its quality, so you must ensure proper ventilation. Ultimately, when speaking of high expenses, be sure that investing money into this sort of project will be beneficial in decades to come.

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