Window Love: 4 Window Treatments for a Classy Home

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When your room is looking like it needs some extra attention but serious redecoration isn’t in the budget, look at your windows. A window without treatments is often a big reason why a room looks drab or unfinished. Try some of these window treatments to give your room a fresh look on a small budget.

Kitchen Windows

Kitchen windows are tricky to decorate because they’re short in height. If you have blinds and you’re simply looking for a valance, try using burlap bags! This is a great look for country chic kitchens because it’s rustic but tailored. You can buy new burlap coffee sacks and customize them with stenciled letters or words. The look will cost you just a few dollars while completing your window’s look.

Curtains without the Rod

Curtain rods are very expensive and difficult to hang, but you can skip the rods if you want something that’s still very unique. Add a piece of molding over the top of the window and hang oversized nails in an evenly spaced line on the molding. Instead of curtain hooks, you’ll use pieces of chain link to loop through the curtains and hang them on the nails. Since you won’t be able to open and close the curtains this way, this will only work with panels that can stay stationary.

Make Curtain Panels with Dropcloth

Curtain panels are extremely expensive, and historic and newly built homes have windows that are very tall and wide. If custom blinds or curtains aren’t in the budget, buy dropcloth fabric. It’s very cheap and you can customize it exactly how you want. Use stencils to apply your favorite quotes or lines from a story and you’ll have an incredibly customized look for hardly any money.

Utilize the Space Above the Window

If your curtains and classic rods (made cheaper with Macy’s coupons here) aren’t quite giving your window enough emphasis, try adding a shelf above the window. You’ll hang the rod from the bottom of the shelf using rope and attach your curtains to it. You can decorate the shelf to suit the room the treatment is in. Put mason jars or antique milk bottles on the shelf for dining rooms, toys for children’s rooms, or old books for living rooms.

When you use a little creativity to create window treatments, you’ll create a focal point that acts as a decoration instead of just being a functional feature in your home. All you have to do is think outside the box and you’ll have window treatments that are classy and easily interchangeable.

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