7 Home Construction Tips That Will Increase Security

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As a homeowner, whether you are raising a family or enjoying your life surrounded by your possessions, there are times when you want to consider making an investment in a home construction that will increase your security. This is especially important in today’s world. You want to make your home as much as a safe haven as possible for you and your loved ones.

Here are some of the top ways to increase security by making changes to your home construction plan:

Upgrade your door locks

Ever since a Kickstarter project introduced a new door lock system to millions of people, the market for door locks that can be controlled by your smartphone has grown significantly. Gone are the days that you need to hand out keys to people that visit. You can instead create specific rights at specific times for people that are visiting. To get started, you just need to purchase a door lock that fits your door and install a connected camera.

Night-vision LED cameras

Although many of the cameras that are available on the market claim that they can allow you to see at night, there are a few models of external camera that mount on your home that can actually see clearly across the street during a fairly dark night due to the hardware they contain. As you start trying to monitor activity, you will likely find that this type of investment helps you and the police to do a better job in case there is a problem.

Aluminum fencing

Fencing is always a good idea as it will protect the perimeter of your property. When it comes to security fences, aluminum is one of the strongest materials available. Yet quality can vary. Ordering it from a reliable company like Mills Fence will ensure that the materials that you receive are of a quality that you need to be able to address your security concerns well.

Bars for 1st floor windows

It may seem strange to add bars to your windows, but your insurance company doesn’t think so. They will normally discount your home owner’s policy if you do install bars on all your 1st floor windows.

Better window locking mechanisms

For windows that slide and have an interior track, purchasing hardwood 1" x 2" boards and cutting them to size will allow you to block each window that has the potential for a thief to force entry from the outside.

A front gate at the street

There is nothing that deters criminals more than a fence and a gate in the front of a home. If you are in a high crime neighborhood, adding a lock is a good idea.

Reinforcing a ‘panic room’

Despite the neighborhood, families are sometimes home when burglars break in. Having a plan and a room or suite where people can retreat can make sense. It is typically easier to ‘harden’ a home office for this purpose because your communication equipment will already be there.

Making an investment in security renovations in your home is one way of creating a safer place for you to live while you increase the value of your home.

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