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Maintaining the quality of our water is important for many reasons, including protecting wildlife, agriculture and the public water supply. Everyone can do their part to in maintaining water quality, even construction businesses and the oil and gas industry. At Quality Mat, we have ground protection solutions that can be used to protect the ground and maintain the existing eco-system.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the ways our ground protection mats help to save the environment and maintain water quality.

• Our non-perforated mats are made using a waffle-like design, which allows air and water to flow through to the grass. So when you remove the mats the grass grows back in no time!
• None of our hardwood mats are treated with chemicals, and they are biodegradable. So if you lose a mat in a swamp, it won’t harm the environment.
• Bog mats can be laid out over water, and can evenly distribute weight across the surface. In order to protect the environment and to maintain worker safety, bog mats should always be used in marsh-like work environments.

You can learn more about how ground protection solutions from Quality Mat can be used to protect the environment, water quality and worker safety at Qmat.com.

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