Attic Insulation: Things to Avoid

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Installing new insulation in the attic can save your money, especially if the operation is done on your own. However, DIY actions in the home improvement area can result in bad outcomes. Since this one is a matter of safety and energy efficiency, it is necessary to reduce the number of mistakes as much as possible. Mind the following things when insulating the attic.

Working amidst Clutter

The attic often serves for storing things that we don’t usually need on a daily basis. If that is the case with your attic, too, the first thing you should do is de-clutter the area. Working with all the things scattered around you will slow you down. This aside, de-cluttering the attic will not only facilitate your insulation project, but also make this space more functional. Also, there is a risk of damaging the insulating material if many things surround it.

Starting Works Unprepared

People who are inexperienced in terms of home repair might think that you can simply climb to your attic and place the insulation material across the joists and that is about it. But the preparation needs to be more detailed. First of all, check where the air vents are. If you close them, it can cause mold and damp inside the insulation. Secondly, inspect the rest of the roof for any unwanted holes and damages.

Choosing Harmful Materials

Artificial materials have been used for decades for insulation purposes. However, many of them have proven to have a bad effect on our health. So, try to gather detailed information on insulating materials and the potential health risks they could pose. Lunges and the respiratory system are the most vulnerable parts, since some materials are made of minute fibers that can get into our body.

Guessing How Much You Need

When buying the material that you are going to use here, you should never guess how much of it you need. Take a measuring tape and note down on a piece of paper all the necessary measures. If you buy too much of it, it will be a waste of money. On the other hand, not buying enough will just make you annoyed and waste your precious time. Today there are affordable ways to get your new attic insulation, so you can even score free insulation deals and save your money for other repairs.

Neglecting the Fire Danger

The top of the house is often a center of different installations. Those pipes and wires can be quite dangerous if wrapped within the insulating material. So, before you even start renewing the insulation in that area, talk to the guys in the stores that sell insulation equipment. They could give you detailed instructions on protecting those fire-friendly areas and keeping your home safe.

Leaving the Attic Door Unattended

As a part of the new policy on energy efficiency that should be introduced to your home when the attic area has been renewed, you have to sort out the attic door, as well. The attic door can leak a lot of heat, which will cause higher heating bills. Apart from the door, any windows in the attic also need to be weatherstripped, so as to reach the maximum efficiency in terms of heat and energy.

The attic is a soft heating spot. Only when its insulation is improved or replaced will the entire house become a seamless energy efficient unit. Doing it in a proper way will make the whole process easier and more efficient.

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