Regrout or Dig Out? When to Spring for a Window Replacement

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It can be hard to tell whether an old window can be salvaged through repairs, or if it is time to just get a new one. Resealing and re-grouting can be a good solution in some cases, and save you money if they last a while. But you should know when it is time to spring for a window replacement, since better materials will do more for your house in the long run.

The Frame or Panes Are Damaged

A clear sign you should really opt for a complete window replacement is if you see damage to the frame or panes. This could be a cracked pane or a hole, or you might see the frame is starting to rot or come apart. It might have gouges in the surface that are unrepairable and re-grouting or resealing the window will not fix this problem.

You Are Having Problems Regularly

Another sign that a replacement is your best option is if you are experiencing problems with your windows regularly. This means you are constantly finding yourself having to reseal the windows at the end of each season. You might have to make minor repairs to the frame, or adjust them in some way. The way to solve this problem once and for all is to just replace the windows in your home.

Moisture Is an Issue

If you are having moisture issues with your windows, then you want to install new replacements as soon as possible. Moisture problems can include seeing excessive indoor condensation, water damage around the window, or foggy windows all the time. This is a sign that your windows are no longer a good barrier. Resealing or re-grouting them will help in many cases, but if the problem persists it might be time to rethink your windows.

The Windows Are Difficult to Use

Windows do degrade over time with repeated use. You might start to have great difficulty just opening and closing latches. The locking mechanisms on the windows might stop working, or could become so worn you cannot move them any longer or they will not stay in place. Gilkey Window Company suggests having their installation team completely remove the frames and install new ones.

The Windows Are Single Pane

A final sign is if you still have single-pane windows in your home. These are inefficient and not secure in most cases. The right choice is to upgrade your windows instead of trying to reseal them. Get double or triple pane windows which will increase the energy efficiency of your home dramatically as well as reduce your bills.

Your windows are very important for the safety and efficiency of your home. Do not let them sit broken for months or even years. If you notice any of these signs, you should have your windows replaced as soon as possible.

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