Five Cheap Ideas for Your Master Bedroom Renovations

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The master bedroom is often a place for comfort. You might seek refuge in the room after a long day at work, or spend time in bed while you’re sick. There might be a time when you are tired of looking at the same furnishings, but don’t have the money to totally remodel the room. Instead of fretting over how much money it takes to do a renovation, consider some of the cheap ideas to make your room look new. 

Clean Up

One of the easiest ways to transform any room is to remove all the clutter. This would include clothes that don’t fit or you don’t wear, books and magazines that might be on the floor, and other items that don’t promote a relaxed or romantic environment. Consider removing the television as well as this could be a reason you’re not getting enough sleep at night. Hide items you need in the room in a stylish compartment. Organizers and storage is the key to make everything more uniform and streamlined.

Second Hand Stores

This is where you can find bargains on furniture and decorations. Get dressers and tables along with other items at a low price, and paint them to match the new colors in the room. You can also do this with furniture that is currently in the bedroom. Make sure you sand the furniture before painting, and think about going with a theme, such as a dark varnish or rugged worn look. 


Whether you already have carpet or not, this is an investment that you should make. Wait until carpet goes on sale, or get carpet samples if you have a small room. You can install the carpet yourself by placing an insulation on the floor first or have a JLG Flooring or carpet installation specialist from Loveland OH do the hard part for you. Next, all you have to do is tack the carpet in place or nail it on the sides. Find a carpet that is easy to clean and that is of a neutral color so it will match the decorations and bedding in the room. You might also consider using a rug as an accent around the bed.

Dressing It Up

An easy way to add new life to a room without spending a lot of money is to change the decor. Add pictures to the dresser, trim to the walls, and replace the handles on the drawers. Add a little wallpaper to the front of a dresser to give it a new look. Wall stickers can brighten a room, and they are inexpensive. Change up the stale style you’ve had for years and find ways to incorporate new items. 


Instead of getting new items or even going to a secondhand store, use items at home you no longer use. This could be an old door you sand and paint to turn into a headboard. Pallets can be used to go on the wall to place pictures on, or you can use the pallets as a fun design on the wall over the bed. Old boards can even be used on the top of the windows to keep out the sun. 

There are ways you can have a new master bedroom without breaking the bank. Consider utilizing sales at stores and getting used furnishings, transforming them into something that has your own personality. Think about recycling the items you already have in the home. Clean the room, and move some of the furniture to a new position to make it look different.

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