Fixer Fails: Seven Home Repairs That Did Not Go as Planned

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Some home repairs are simple enough to do yourself, but many require the skill of an expert. Here are a few examples of taking on a task, then discovering that an expert in a certain area really does speak louder than the DIY approach.

Rewiring a Plug In

We’ve all hear the horror stories. Messing around with electricity when you’re not sure where to start is almost certain to make you rethink a project. Most homeowners can remove a face plate, unscrew wires, and add a new plug in. Paying close attention to the positioning of the wires and making a good connection is the key. If your electrical current is still not flowing, it’s time to call an electrician. 

Replacing Sink Pipes

Plumbing comes with its own set of rules. Simply removing a pipe and replacing another does not always guarantee a leak-free drain pipe. The right angles or seals have not been properly installed to form a clear path. You could end up with a flood and whole new set of problems if you’re not careful.

Non-cooling Air Conditioners

Air conditioners require basic maintenance in order to breathe. Clearing the debris and dirt from the outside section is a good idea for a start. However, if your air conditioner does not perform much better, a one hour air conditioning & heating (West Pasco) expert should check the interior parts to find the problem. An AC repair in Tarpon Srpings FL says if you think you know how to open it up, don’t do so unless you are sure that is where the problem is originating.

Patching Dry Wall

You’ve watched the wall repair video, and mixed up your drywall paste. A piece of wood has been cut to slide into the hole. But try and try again, the wood slides out of place. Or maybe your paste is too thick and falls off into chunks once it has dried. There is an art to plastering and a skilled plasterer can be the answer.

Patching a Roof

Over the winter, there may be shingles that have become weak and bent. This sounds like an easy fix by replacing the old pieces. However, once the job is started, you could find damp areas beneath the shingles and dips in the base. This is when it’s time to get an estimate from a roofer.

Replacing a Door Knob

Lining up the tumblers in a new door knob looks easy enough for a DIYer to handle. But, making sure that room inside the door is sufficient to accept a new model could be a problem. Before bringing out the drill, consider calling a carpenter, especially if your home is older.

Hooking up an Ice Maker

Run the water line, attach and instant ice cubes? This is not as simple as it looks. The smallest pressure build-up and you could have a flooded kitchen. Also, make sure you give it time to drain. You could have old water backed up. You’ll probably need to wait a day or two until you have ice ready to go.

Keep a phone number close by as a back-up to your next home repair, just in case. It’s better to have an expert on hand in case a project goes awry.

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