3 Ways to Bring Spring Colors Into Your Home Office

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Spring has officially sprung, and your home office could probably use a refresher. Come to think of it, maybe your work productivity could use a refresher too. After the cold winter months, it’s easy to get buried beneath clutter and dark-colored interiors. Now that spring is here, why not treat your home office to a mini makeover complete with inspiring colors that remind us of bright blooms and fresh air? Here are three simple ways to awaken your workspace just in time for warmer weather. You just may be more productive this spring!

Declutter and refresh your desk.


When it’s cold and blustery outside, it’s easy to let your desk become a catchall for papers, books, and other unneeded junk. Before you start thinking about bringing in the new, you need to eliminate the old and outdated. Of course, that means decluttering, which includes sorting through and purging your unnecessary office items.

Completely clear off the top of your desk and all of its drawers, giving each a thorough cleaning. Treat your drawers to an unexpected hit of color with pretty drawer liners. Sort through your things, keeping what you really need and recycling the rest. Consider going paperless with bills, publications, and monthly paper clutter sources, and store important records in an out-of-the-way place.

Bring color to your home office desktop.

With a clean slate, you’ll have plenty of room to add decorative items such as a vase of fresh flowers, framed personal pictures and inspiring artwork. Whether you prefer a feminine touch with pops of pink and pastel-colored file folders, or you lean toward sleek and industrial natural materials, spring is the right time to revamp your desk decor.

Try swapping out your black stapler for a yellow one, or your boring clear tape dispenser for a hot pink one. Even something as simple as a pack of new pens or a patterned mouse pad can make all the difference! Surround yourself with items that make you smile, and your desk will quickly become one of your favorite places in the house.

Don’t neglect your bookshelves and display areas.


When refreshing your home office, don’t forget that your bookshelves and storage areas are prime real estate for colorful decor. Try painting the back wall of your bookshelves an unexpected shade; this will give you a high-impact area to display artwork trinkets. Lovingly styled bookshelves can give your home office a designer touch while still providing helpful storage areas.

For a simple DIY project, take your favorite photographs and place them in spring-colored frames. Vary the sizes of the frames to give your space a gallery feel. Throughout the year, you can change out the mats to reflect the season and coordinate them with your area rugs and toss pillows used in your office chair.

You spend a lot of time in your home office and it’s important from a productivity standpoint that the place where you do your work be as inspiring as possible. You will be surprised how your home office will become more inviting and more inspiring with these spring tips. You may even find yourself looking forward to working from home!

Ronique Gibson is a design expert and associate architect who writes for Shutterfly.com.

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