Recent Remodel: Better Ideas to Keep the Project Contained

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It can be a nightmare when a home improvement project unexpectedly requires more time, money, and effort than you originally anticipated. If you are planning to remodel your home, you will want to follow these tips to make sure your project is properly contained and done on your schedule.

Assess the Scope of the Project

Determine the actual scope of the project by finding out what possible additional work might be involved once you start. For example, if you are thinking of changing your flooring, look for areas where the floor has become uneven and where the floorboards are creaking. These could be signs of wood rot underneath, and you would need to include the possibility of putting in new supports and refinishing wood underneath the new flooring.

Create a Realistic Timeframe

Ask around about how much time your project might take. There is a lot of information about this today. For example, homeowners responding to a survey said it took five days to a week for professional roofers to change their roofs, but fully remodeling a kitchen took as long as four months to complete. 
If you are planning to do some or all of the work yourself during weekends, add a weekend or two as a buffer. In addition to that, make allowances for delivery schedules, and the time you need to get permits.

Come Up with a Detailed Budget

If you are hiring a contractor, you will get an estimate of the cost of the entire project. In this case, you need to go through specific items and check how customer friendly your contractor’s prices are. If you are doing some of the work yourself, you need to make a list of all the materials you need and compare prices from store to store. 

Stick to the Plan

Keep reviewing your plan until everything is as you want it to be. Then, stick to that plan like Velcro. Deviating midstream could mean spending thousands of dollars more than you thought you would. It’s good to have room for adjustments and extra time, but make sure the skeleton of the plan is still there.

Control Household Upheaval

While you work on your project, prevent the spread of dust and debris by closing doors to other rooms, and by shutting off heating and cooling ducts. Cover floors with tarp or drop cloths, take out construction trash daily, and clean up at the end of each day. Isolate your family’s working and living space so daily activities can go on as normally as possible. You will need to comply with your community’s rules for disposing building trash as well. Find a company like Millennium Commercial and Construction Cleaning Services or ask for references from friends who have done some remodeling in the past, or have experience with construction cleaning in Orlando.

Know Who You’re Working With

If you are planning to get a contractor for your remodeling, check their credentials before signing on the dotted line. Ask for personal references, look for online reviews of the company’s work, verify the company’s state license, and see what professional associations it is listed under. Finally, when you have a builder under contract, obtain a copy of the work plan and regularly check if the project is coming along as scheduled. 

If you take steps to make sure your remodeling project does not go out of control, you can go through the experience confident that after all the hammering has stopped, your house will look better than it ever has.

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