Barely There Basement: Cheap Ideas to “Finish” Your Cellar Space

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Due to the expense of remodels and construction, the basement is often the most underutilized room in the house. With bare concrete walls and floors, it may seem impossible to spruce up the space without hurting your wallet, but following these simple tips will help you create a warm and inviting place to spend some of your free time, without spending all your dough.

Basement Floors

The dark gray of concrete in your basement tends to give rooms a dungeon-like feel, but don’t worry. With just the cost of quality epoxy and paint, you can brighten the room on a budget. The floor can be painted with epoxy as long as it doesn’t receive a lot of direct sun exposure. Since the majority of basements do not, epoxy is a great affordable choice. After the epoxy has dried, you may consider tossing a few cheap rugs onto the floor to add warmth, or even visit a local carpet store for their samples or cheap remnants. 

Basement Walls

Your walls are even simpler than the flooring to update. Whether they are concrete, cinder block, or skinny wood frames, primer is unnecessary, and you can achieve a beautiful shine with paint. Choose either a glossy or eggshell finish.

Instead of leaving your walls bare, consider using stick on hooks to hang artwork and other light items. You can purchase these hooks at any store. Simply pull off the paper, stick the hook in the appropriate spot and hang your items. This way if you have wood frame “walls” to separate space, you can cover up with large prints, posters and blankets to give each room a more separate feel.

Basement Windows

If your basement windows are old, dingy, and not energy efficient, you may want to consider replacing them for modern basement windows. Comfort King Windows & Doors Ltd recommend getting energy efficient seals around windows to keep out chills and keep the head in your home. Although you could do this repair yourself, it is time consuming, and it’s probably better to contact a local company. You might also want to invest in Doors in Ottawa so you can separate more rooms and block out the coldest places from warmer, more finished rooms.

Furniture For Your New Room

Now that you have the basic room painted, it’s time to invest in comfortable furniture. Hunt online for local bargains. You might even post on your social media that you are looking for furniture for your basement. Friends often have sofas, loveseats, recliners, and more they want to get rid of. You might even offer trades and exchanges for cheap furniture.

Fixing up a basic basement space doesn’t have to be expensive, or even a major project. With a little bit of thought and time, you can create a comfortable and beautiful room to relax in and enjoy for years to come.

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