4 Steps to Make Digging on Your Lot Safer and Easier

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Digging or excavating your lot can seem overwhelming. The process of moving the earth beneath you is hard to do safely. There are many risks and hazards involved with excavating a property and several things you can do to stay safe. Here are 4 tips for making digging on your lot safer, quicker and easier.

Call Before You Start

There are more than 100 billion feet of utilities and electric cables buried under your feet and chances are, at least some of them run beneath your property. Before you put your shovel in the ground, you should make a phone call to 811 to find out if it’s safe to begin. You’ll find out where it’s safe to dig and where it isn’t. There may be underground cables or wiring beneath your feet and digging could become a serious safety hazard. Calling your local safety line will give you the green light to begin digging your lot.

Wear Safety Gear

Invest in the proper safety gear before you begin to dig. Using gloves with good padding will keep your hands free from blisters and calluses. If you plan on doing heavy lifting, shoveling or moving loads of dirt using a wheelbarrow, pay attention to your back and bend your knees fully before lifting. Injuries are common with property owners who try to do too much, too quickly.

Use the Right Tools

Think of your shovel as giant knife carefully splitting open the ground. Making sure to dig effectively and matching the tools to the job is essential to making digging on your lot easier. Pick a sharply pointed shovel to dig a simple hole and assess ground conditions. If the ground is wet and moist, often times a rounded shovel may be best for getting the job done.

Hire a Professional Excavator

Some jobs are harder than others and you may find that it’s in the best interest of safety to hire a professional. If you’re excavating on a slope or if you’re a novice to digging, you should consider hiring a professional excavator from Kamloops Septic Service to get the job done more quickly. They have more experience with digging on tricky lots and have access to safer gear. This may significantly cut the labor time of your project.

Following these tips is the easiest way to excavate your lot quicker and safer. Watch the weather and pay close attention to conditions before beginning to excavate your lot. Keep yourself safe by making smart choices and not working too quickly. You’ll save yourself, and your body, a lot of trouble.

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